What are the US Friendly Online Casinos?

It is unfortunate for many online casino players that the United States has implemented various measures in order to significantly reduce online gambling. When the US Congress passed the law, "The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006", many players have found it difficult to play online. They couldn’t transfer money to their casino account and many casinos have closed their doors to online US players.

The Issue of Online Gambling Prohibition

There were issues that were raised concerning the Act. Some people argue that the act is merely an attempt by the government to eliminate transfer of funds to online casinos but is not necessarily a categorical law against online gambling itself. The law merely frowns at the transfer of US citizens and casino players’ money to other jurisdiction through online gambling. It actually discriminates against casinos that are outside of the US jurisdiction but are profiting from US players.

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Other people argue that the Act is already a clear-cut prohibition to gamble online. So, if you’re a lover of online casinos and you love to play blackjack, you would have to say bye-bye to online blackjack gambling and blackjack online casinos.

Regardless of what you might think of the law, this doesn’t remove the fact that the law has effectively made it difficult for US Players to go online and play their favorite blackjack games. This law has made such a huge impact in the gambling industry since the US has a huge online gambling market. Other jurisdictions like the Caribbean countries have raised legal issues concerning the law.

Are there US Friendly Online Casinos?

So, if you are in a resident of Texas or Michigan or Oregon, can you play online? Will you violate any laws on online gambling if you would play online? Are there casinos that accept US players?

There are actually US Casinos that accept US players. In fact, these casinos have devised measures in order to facilitate the transfer of money from the United States into the casino account. You’d find casinos that open its doors to online US players regardless of their resident state. However, there are casinos that prohibit players from some US states and these include Illinois, Louisiana, Indiana, Nevada, Michigan, New York, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

"I am banned, what do I do?"

If you are from any of the states that are banned from some online casinos, you’re probably wondering where you could go.

Are there casinos that accept US players from Nevada, Oregon, Washington or Wisconsin? There are definitely casinos that accept players from these states. You wouldn’t even have to settle with second-rate online casinos. Most of the casinos that accept US players without restrictions are licensed in other jurisdictions. They are also the best online casinos. They offer the best bonuses, games and software.

Online gambling is huge in most countries especially in the United States. The law has not ultimately deterred online players from actually playing online. They have even discovered ways to deposit money in their account.