Best Casino Game

If different players are asked which their best casino game is, they will come up with different answers. Some like the allure of slots while others like the glitz of roulette. To me the best casino game is beyond doubt blackjack.

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There are several reasons why I think blackjack is the best casino game. First of all it has a pedigree. Evolving from a host of different games it came on to its own in the 1700s. Then it was polished in land casinos all over the world before taking online gaming by storm. When you play blackjack you are playing a game that not only has a history and a heritage but also one that has an exciting future.

Indisputably gambling games are games of chance. But to place a bet and then wait for Lady Luck to do the rest is not my idea of the best casino game. That is why I avoid games like roulette. In blackjack players have to constantly make decisions. They have to decide whether to stand, that is stop taking more cards, or to hit, that is asking for another card. Then there are options of double down or doubling the wager and split or playing two hands. Some casinos offer options like surrender that minimizes the losses and insurance in which players can hedge against the dealer winning. So in blackjack there is plenty to think about and a lot of skill involved. The skill is compounded by the fact that at any given time in the game the possibilities are limitless. The combination of skill and gut feeling along with the luck involved makes blackjack the best casino game as far as I am concerned.

But what makes blackjack the best casino game is the odds the game offers. Different casinos play under different rules and therefore the house edge varies from casino to casino. But if one takes average values the house edge for best play is less than half percent. This means that for every dollar wagered the player can expect to take back 99.5 cents. This is much better than what is offered in slots or roulette or most bets in craps. Most slot machines have a house edge of at best 7% and hence they return only 93 cents for every dollar wagered. European roulette has a house edge of 2.7% and the return in only 97.3 cents for every dollar wagered. Only some video poker games give returns comparable to blackjack but these games provide only a fraction of the excitement.

The operative words are "for best play" and this means that players have to put in some effort to understand and learn the strategy. But this effort is a small investment for huge returns. Look at it this way. The better the player’s strategy the lesser the amount of luck he needs. Therefore do a bit of homework and start playing the best casino game and very soon you may figure with the best in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.