Finding the top 10 Online Casinos

There are many sites out there that list the top 10 Online Casinos. You can visit each one and you will notice a very funny thing. All the lists are different for the most part. Can there really be that many different top online casinos out there?

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The truth of the matter is, they are listed there because they are being paid to do it. They might not be paid directly, in the sense that the online casino is keeping that site on the payroll, but they do pay them in terms of affiliate earnings.

Online casino affiliate earnings are pretty simple. The site owners get paid a certain fee for referring customers that deposit money into their casinos. These referral fees can range in value depending on the terms and conditions. Some of these fees can be pretty substantial.

When looking at a top 10 online casino site you must ask yourself if that is what the site is doing. If the site is in fact getting paid for this endorsement than that should tell you that the opinion is biased based upon the potential return for earnings. Due to this it can be very difficult to locate the top 10 online casinos on the market, as most of the listings are just paid to be there.

The easiest way to find the top 10 online casinos is by testing out different ones for yourself. Instead of depending on the thousands of sites that are getting paid to tell you that you should sign up with this online casino or that online casino, you should grab a handful of sites and join them and check them out for yourself.

By doing the legwork yourself you might be able to find yourself a real gem. An added advantage to doing it this way would be that you could leverage the online casino bonuses from each of the casinos to help maximize your bankroll.

Try to find an online casino that is reputable and equipped with great customer service. If there is a problem with anything, you should be able to get a hold of somebody at all times. This is your money after all so you should be able to know what is going on with it.

Look for a casino that has a reasonable online casino payout. There are many sites out there that quote casino payouts. You should take this with a grain of salt, but if you check out a couple of these sites and the sites themselves look to be legit you can make an accurate decision off of that. Some online casinos offer over 100% payout, this is definitely an added advantage.
Find a casino that has quick payouts. What good are all the games, or all the bonuses in the world if you cannot get your money back from them? Make sure that you can get paid.