Best Casino Gambling

Over the years, gambling has continued to change and evolve. For the longest time, it only took place legally in casinos. Then it showed up in neighborhood bars and racetracks. Even some gas stations put video poker in the lobby and called themselves "casinos."

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Then, of course, online play was born, and gambling made it to a new level.
There is one question gamblers of the world now have: Which is better, online play or in a casino?
There are benefits to both, and the best casino gambling is probably a mix of the two. Here is a look at the positives, and perhaps you can decide where the best casino gambling is now.
As for online play:

1) Convenience. You donít have to leave your home. You sit down at your computer and you play. You can be completely naked, you can smoke, you can do whatever you want. The only person who can pester you is yourself or whoever you live with. You can play whenever you want. If you get home from work late at night, you can sign up and go right then without having to worry about travel.

2) Choice of play. You will have hundreds of games to choose from, and plenty of time to sort through which ones you want to play

3) Easy access to get money in and out of most online accounts.

4) Sign up bonuses, which give you free money in order to play.

5) Realistic graphics and interface.

As for live play:
1) Camaraderie. Some of the charm of the casino relationships is lost online. Sure, you can chat, but the conversation isnít the same as sharing a craps roll in a real casino and celebrating a big victory.

2) Cash, cash, cash. As easy as it is to get money in and out online, nothing beats cold hard cash.

3) The ability to read and react to others in games where it matters, such as poker.

4) Popularity of the original casinos.

5) Graphics are a LOT more realistic, because, well, they are real.

Which brings us back to the original question: who has the best casino gambling? It really depends on your tastes. Players who like to play in real casinos might enjoy all the aspects of online play. It gives them a chance to test out some of the things outlined above. Meanwhile, an online gamer who has never played in a real casino will have the rules down and will know pretty much what to do when he or she gets to a real casino.

Actually, the best casino gambling takes place both live and online. Wherever a player goes, if he or she is enjoying the experience and having fun, that is the best online gaming.

Fortunately, this isnít like picking a husband or wife. You can love both of these styles of play equally and spend as much time with both of them as you like without out fear of repercussion.