Responsible Gambling

Too much of anything is bad and this goes for gambling as well. Gambling can get addictive and then the consequences can be disastrous. Hence it is better not to let the situation arise. Engage in responsible gambling.

There are several mantras of responsible gambling. The first is to set your winning limit before you start. Suppose your limit is $500. The moment you win $500 stop for the day. Do not think that you are on a winning roll and therefore you should continue playing. Also set reasonable limits. If you are gambling to finance a round the world trip then do not gamble.

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The second mantra of responsible gambling is to keep on setting aside a portion of your winnings. That money is out of your bankroll. Let us say that you start with a bankroll of $100 and decide to set aside 20% of your winnings. Then the moment you win $10 set aside $2. If you win $10 immediately, then your bankroll is not $110 but $108.

The third mantra of responsible gambling is not to gamble with tomorrow’s lunch money. From your earnings set aside your necessary expenses like the month’s rent or installment on the car and so on. If there is surplus only then gamble. Spending $100 in gambling is not an alternative to repairing the heater. It is an alternative to going to the rock concert.

The fourth mantra of responsible gambling is to set the losing limit. Just as you decide you will quit if you win $500, you decide that you will quit if you lose $100. If unfortunately you happen to lose the $100 do not use your credit card again that night. Do not try to recover your losses by gambling more. There is a saner and surer way to recover your losses. Do not take your girlfriend out to the posh restaurant. Treat her to a candlelight dinner at home instead.

Responsible gambling is gambling for positive reasons. You gamble because you enjoy it. Irresponsible gambling is gambling for negative reasons. Gambling because you have two hours to kill and nothing to do. Pick up a book instead. If you are gambling in order to overcome loneliness then that is not responsible gambling. Try blogging and you will be better off.

Despite all precautions if you have become a gambling addict all is not lost. There are organizations like Gamblers Anonymous, Responsible Gambling Council and the National Center for Responsible Gaming that assist gamblers in getting out of addiction. Most online casinos are associated with one or more of these organizations and will put you in touch.