Best Casino Bets

If you spend any time in a casino, whether online or in person, you will do whatís called "odds shopping." Odds shopping means you are looking around for the best wagers and trying to get the most out of your money.

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Basically, this means studying the "house edge" and finding the smallest one. The house edge is essentially the percentage from an average of wagers that gives the house an advantage. In essence, the smaller the edge for the casino, the better for the player.

Keep in mind the casino will always have an edge; thatís how they stay in business.
However, as a player you can look for specific bets that lower the house edge, and over time you will be more successful in your wagers.

First off, the best values in a casino are in poker, sports betting and horse betting, where the house is taking a rake or vig. You are not betting against the house but other people. Longterm this is by far your best value. However, as far as table games and other things of that nature in a casino, there are two that stand out as being the best bets.

1) Craps. The craps odds bet is simply the best in the casino other than the ones named above. There is zero house edge on this bet. Of course, you have to make a pass to get to it. Your initial pass bet has a 1.41 percent house edge. But a second bet once you have survived that has zero house edge. There are very few bets in any casino with this value. That means you are heads up and will win as often as the casino. If you are going to play long term, this is one of the best wagers available to you, either online or in a casino. The rules of craps can be difficult to grasp if you have never played, but take some time to learn how it works and you will gain an understanding of this bet. It is one of the most basic in craps; donít bother confusing yourself with the other wagers.

2) Video Poker. This is another game where the houseís edge against the player is limited. In some versions of video poker, the house edge is actually zero percent. While most video poker is low limit and requires a little knowledge in terms of how to play five card draw, this is another area where your odds against the casino are favorable.

Just remember that unless you are playing live poker or betting on sports or horses, you are playing against the casino. In the long run, the casino has the edge in this setup. However, by shopping for the bets with the most value, you can decrease this edge. You canít quite turn it in our favor, but you can make the games as fair as possible.

Try these bets next time you play in a casino or online and you will make more money.