Room For Everyone

Despite the explosion of online casinos, live casinos continue to thrive all over the world. Many casinos feared that the online world would cut into their business and make survival difficult. The U.S. government has done its best to limit online casino wagering, but a top on line casino can still tap into the U.S. market.

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The biggest question as can all these casinos survive? A top on line casino certainly has more chance of success than a smaller one. The biggest and most successful will probably always be in business, even those that arenít in the U.S. market.

The same goes for land based casinos. Most have survived competition from instate lotteries, racetracks and other gambling entities and have continued to thrive. Online gambling has not really damaged the market, and even the top online casino players have not hurt left the live game.
Poker, too, continues to thrive. Even with the proliferation of Web sites where thousands of players can be on playing at any given time, poker rooms in casino are packed to the gills with players.
So a top on line casino hasnít really hurt the real casinos. There are several reasons:

1) Gamblers are gamblers. They will go to Vegas every chance they get, and when they arenít there, they will play online. As long as they have money, they will gamble. They are just spending more and gambling more.

2) Internet gaming at top on line casinos actually helps players better prepare for a real casino. While this might seem like a bizarre statement, many people who would be scared to try to play in a casino can go to a top on line casino and learn how to play there. They can get many more games in during a short time, build up a skill level, then try it in a real casino. This is especially true in poker. During the recent boom, many players have spent hours online getting their game together before going to a real casino and testing their skills. By the time they get there, they have spent countless hours in a top online casino learning to play and improving enough to test their skills in a real atmosphere. In other more intricate games like craps, players can learn without feeling stupid. If they have some success online they will be willing to try for real.

3) The U.S. ban, if anything, has increased the hunger to gamble. Players really want to take advantage of opportunities to play, and by limiting them online, they are driving players both to live casinos as well as illegal underground clubs.

Regardless, the popularity of top on line casinos has also spread the popularity of other games and made casinos more successful as well. In other words, there is room for everyone who wants to play, no matter where you want to do it. Competition comes between the casinos and between the Web sites, not necessarily casino vs. Web sites. Regardless, everyone wins.