Casino War

Card games are the backbone of any casino. Whether it is a poker room or blackjack, card games join slots as the most popular game at any casino. This holds true whether you are talking about a real life casino or an online one. Some games are simple, others complex. Some take skill, while still others are merely luck of the draw. Some are a combination of the two.

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Perhaps the most simple and easy to understand is Casino War.

Casino War is played in real casinos as well as online thanks to Play tech software. It is very easy, fun, and something a player can spend hours doing.

Basically, Casino War is a version of the kid’s game of War. It is played with six decks of 52 cards, with standard card rankings, although Ace is always high.

Here’s how simple it is: The dealer gets a card and the player gets a card. If the dealer’s card is higher, the dealer wins. If the player’s card is higher, the player wins.

If there is a tie – both players and dealer have the same card – the player has an option. Surrender, in which case he or she loses the bet. Or go to war, in which case the player must make another bet that is the same size as the original wager.

In this scenario, the dealer then burns three cards before dealing one to each of them. If the player has the same or better card, he wins an amount equal to the original bet. If the dealer’s is higher, the player loses both bets.

The house advantage basically comes from when there is a tie, and is roughly 2-3 percent for the game thanks to all the additional cards from the six decks.

There is very little strategy to this game, other than never surrendering and always going to war.
Play Tech software generates completely random card dealings during the course of the game. More than a lot of casino games, this one is basically luck. It is fun and can keep you going for hours if you get into it. The only real way to make money is pick selected places to double your wagers and hope to get lucky. But the draw is completely random, and like a lot of games past results have no impact on future outcome. You will not suddenly be due if your card is low for several times in a row.

Casino War is a perfect example of the charm of casino play, live or online. A player who wants more difficult games can find plenty; one that simply wants to have fun and play something simple has that option as well.

Casino War is certainly one of the most simple games available to a player. There is no real thought process, other than how much to bet, and you should always stay within your budget.
If you are willing to do that, you have an excellent chance of doing well and enjoying yourself at the casino.