Online Casinos are Better than Land Based Casinos

There are those who might be temped to disagree, but gambling at any of the top online casinos available on the Internet is better than gambling at a land based casino. Here's why:
Beginners rock at online casinos, beginners suck at land-based casinos. When you sit down to play at a table in a land-based casino, you sit down with other players who want to win as much as you do. If you take too much time making up your mind about whether to hit or stand, raise, draw or fold, they're going to start giving you dirty looks and making snide comments. And the dealer standing across from you, well, dealers come in two flavors: intimidating or distracting. When you play microgaming Blackjack you can take as long as you like - the computerized dealer doesn't care. If you want a realistic feel, then try a Playtech casino that offers the option to play with a live dealer.

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Play for free. Not even the best casino Atlantic City or Las Vegas has to offer will give you the opportunity to play any game free, as often as you like, before you actually bet real money. All of the best on line casinos let you play for free so that you can try out the games before you risk any real money. Free microgaming and free playtech games are true mimics of the real thing, using the same RNG (Random Number Generator) software that is used in the actual games.
Game variety. The Internet offers a vast selection of top casino games, sometimes under the heading of video games. You can find sites with a huge variety of slot machines (like allslots microgaming com), and the best online casinos with hundreds of variations of the full range of table games like Blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and more. You can play against the computer, against a live dealer or against other players. Some of the most exciting games, with the highest percentage of wins, are only available online at on line casinos around the world. You could spend a fortune (read: all of your winnings) attempting to achieve just a fraction of the variety at land-based casinos.

Reliability. What's scarier - playing against a computer that runs on a trustworthy software platform or playing against a human that runs on emotion and is affected by a whole range of personal, medical and psychological issues. When you play at a top online casino in the microgaming network you are playing on the most reliable gaming software available. You can bet on it.

Bonuses. On line casinos want your business, whether you're a first timer or a repeat visitor. They offer generous bonuses to first time players and reward loyal players - even if you're not a big roller. If you're not a big roller, the best you can expect at a land locked casino are a few mind-dulling drinks and maybe a ticket to the casino buffet. You've got to bet a lot more of your hard earned cash if you want to get a complimentary room.