What are Progressive Payouts?

A first time casino-goer has a difficult time of it, especially if they are by themselves trying to learn the ropes from an online casino. There are a number of new terms to learn and a number of new games to play. The progressive jackpot is one of those terms and it is important that people understand exactly what it is. In understanding what a progressive jackpot is, not only can you convince yourself of the goodness or badness of it for your specific circumstances, but you will also be motivated one way or another should you make a decision about pursuing or not pursuing it.

The Progressive Jackpot

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The progressive jackpot is not a game, but rather a concept that you can find in a game. A lot of people associate the word progressive as being something that can only apply to slot machines, but at the same time what you are going to find is that it can apply to any of the games that you play. Any game that either gives you the option of playing for a jackpot or alternatively allows you to play for that payout by taking a portion of what you bet is a game that will have a progressive jackpot. The jackpot can be triggered by anything; a specific roll on a slot machine, a specific hand being dealt or anything else for that matter. A progressive jackpot for that reason is a very fun thing.

Qualifying for the Progressive Payout

If you want to qualify for the progressive payout, then you will need to hit a set of conditions that triggers the payout actually happening. In slots, this is usually the combination of the maximum number of coins being played and the conditions for the highest payment being met. In blackjack, it might be something like getting dealt two cards that are exactly the same in rank and suit or it might be something like getting dealt a suited blackjack. In Let It Ride, it would be making a royal flush.

All of these different things are qualifiers for the progressive payout but the only way to know for sure what the conditions of the payout are is to ask ahead of time and find out from the online casino you are playing at. It usually requires some combination of a monetary qualifier (i.e. betting the maximum amount of coins or betting into the jackpot) and a play qualifier.

Is it worth it?

The biggest question that people usually have concerning the progressive payout is whether or not it is worth it. Well, the answer to that question is simply that it depends. It depends on who you are and what kind of person you are when you play at an online casino. If you are cautious and regard the casino playing as a hobby that you would like to make as cheap as possible, then you want to play perfect mathematically and that is not conducive to following a jackpot that requires you to put extra money on the line each time. However, if you are a gambler looking for the big score, there are few around that are bigger than the progressive payout and you should keep that in mind when playing.