Casino Withdrawal Options


When one considers how far the casino industry has come in such a short time, it should not be surprising that other industries related to the online casino industry have been scrambling to catch up. This is especially true of the online money handling industry, which has been reeling back and forth depending on what happens in the online casino industry. Ultimately, the casino withdrawal options as a result of this continue to grow as more companies get in on the action and get themselves approved with online casinos. In general, almost every single withdrawal option available today can be divided into a few easily recognizable categories.

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Direct Money Options

These are options where the money ends up going directly from you all the way to the online casino and back again. These are options that do not have any middle man in cyberspace and therefore include anything that you might normally use to keep your money. A cheque through the mail is an example of a direct money option, as is the idea of being able to transfer the money directly from your bank account into your online casino account. While the bank is technically a middle man, most people have bank accounts for reasons other than transferring money to online gambling institutions and therefore it can be considered as being part of the direct money options available at most casinos.

Credit Cards & Debit Cards

If you donít want to get your money directly into the online casino (for example, if you are nervous about giving that information out), then the best thing for you would be to look at the other options available such as debit cards or credit cards. Credit cards are of course viable options, although if you were afraid of the direct money options, chances are that you would be afraid of the credit cards as well. Debit cards for online purchases can be used at some online casinos and of course there are cards with accounts attached to them (prepaid cards) that are specifically meant for one or two specific online casinos.

Online e-Wallets

Up until the demise of NETeller a few years ago in the US and more recently in Canada, online e-wallets were by far the most popular method of transferring funds to online gambling institutions in the world. While it might be the most popular method outside of the North American continent, it is debatable as to whether or not that is true in the United States especially and maybe even in Canada too. Online e-wallets are basically online bank accounts where you can store money. These accounts are wholly different from your normal bank account and therefore provide you a level of anonymity when dealing with online vendors that some people really enjoy having. Examples of online e-wallets include NETeller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, and Citadel.

Finding The Withdrawal Options

Not all online casinos will carry all payment methods and therefore when choosing a payment method you need to consider whether your favorite online casinos will accept it. Luckily, all online casinos will have a list of their accepted payment methods on their website, so you can take a look at that more closely to find out what is doable.