The Best Casino Sites

Players flock to online casinos to play games and therefore the games themselves are the most important aspect. The best casino sites also try to provide the best casino promotions and support but do not forget that the games are the reason why customers come to them.

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Online casinos offer a variety of games and therefore the player has first to decide which are the best online games. Here the personal preference of the player is important. Many players love online slots despite the higher house edges. Players who look for low house edges prefer games like blackjack or video poker. Having zeroed in an online game the player must then look at the different formats of the game and decide which is best for him. Supposing the person is an avid slots player then he has to decide which is the best online slots. Some machines offer many winning paylines but lower payouts. Here the chances of winning are greater but the amounts won will always be small. Player who need to keep their bankroll intact and are willing to settle for small winnings will prefer these slot machines. Other slot machines offer fewer winning paylines but huge payouts. Here the chances of winning are low but if a player wins it is usually the life-changing jackpot. These will suit the player for who the day’s bankroll is like an entertainment expense and who is not interested in small winnings. For the slots player the best casino sites are those that offer the slots games of his preference.

The online blackjack player has to do a similar analysis. The variation in rules is considerably more in blackjack and therefore it is a bit more difficult to determine which is the best blackjack casino. Certain rules increase the house edge tremendously and should be avoided at all costs. One such rule is that dealer wins ties. Rules that favor the player are playing with fewer decks and dealer standing on soft 17. What some online casinos do is aggressively advertise the favorable rules but quietly slip in a few unfavorable ones as well. Hence the rules have to be evaluated in totality to determine which are the best casino sites for blackjack.

In online roulette the situation is much easier. There are three forms of roulette – the American, the European and the French. The American roulette has the highest house edge on account of the zero and double zero and therefore should be avoided. The European roulette is the most popular because it has only the zero and has a considerably lower house edge. Competition among casinos has led to the popularization of the French roulette. Here players lose only half their even money bets in case the number called is a zero. Hence this game gives the best casino odds for roulette.

Therefore the best casino site will not be the same for every player. Each player will have to determine the site that works best for him according to his gaming preferences.