Bet Casino

If you are traveling to Las Vegas, you will find no shortage of casinos. There is truly something for everyone, from glitzy, exciting casinos to more traditional ones where gambling is more important.

If you are going to a casino to simply bet, you are looking for what we call a "bet casino."
This is the casino that gives you value in terms of the ability to make money, or simply go someplace where you can play.

Here are 10 very good Las Vegas bet casinos, where you can find different values simply by shopping around.

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1) Bally’s. Simply a great place to gamble. An old-school set up, it is located in the middle of all the glitz of the strip. However, as a hotel and a place to gamble, it offers great value and great location.

2) Treasure Island. There is good low level value at some of the table games, especially blackjack. And while the poker room is small, the $1-3 cash play late at night is some of the loosest and easiest for a quality player to beat.

3) MGM Grand. While this casino is more famous for other things than its gambling, the poker room is very nice, and there are lots of good table games.

4) Bellagio. Maybe the best casino on the strip, with its incredible show and first-rate gaming. The most underrated part of this casino is the race and sports book, which is very solid. The poker room is one of the best in Vegas.

5) Venetian. A beautiful casino, the gaming here is better than you would think.

6) Sam’s Town. Outside the main drag of the city, this old school casino is worth the trip. Players can find very good value here.

7) Caeser’s. Still a very nice value for the player, and there is plenty in the way of games.

8) The Orleans. Like Bally’s more of a pure casino experience. If you are going to gamble, this is a good place.

9) Flamingo Hilton. The old Bugsy Siegel Hotel has higher table rates than a lot of places, which bring high level gaming and big money.

10) Binion’s. An old-school casino that often gets left behind in all the new glitz, this is still a great bet casino

The bet casino is not one that is necessarily the biggest or the glitziest. It is the place to go to gamble and find value. All of these places have some aspect that makes them great a great bet casino.

Bally’s in particular doesn’t have a huge gaming area, but it has quality games, it is located next to Paris Paris and provides easy access to the rest of the strip. But the games they do have make it one of the best bet casinos.

The other casino you might not have tried is Treasure Island. While it is a little more glitzed up than Bally’s, it offers a lot of very good gaming opportunities. The rest of the top 10 are fairly well known bet casinos in Vegas.