Best Casino Games: Winning Based on Skill, Not Luck By Aaron Matthew Ang

Naturally, the best game to play when gambling is the game where there is a higher probability of the player winning. Therefore, the best casino games you will play are the games with lower House of Edge.

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Casino Poker: people win this game because they are skilled. Just like many card games, players compete with each one, not against the house. Strategy plays a crucial role here if you want to win. Let me show you how to play a three-card poker.

Total number of cards for this game is 52. First, there tare three betting circles right at the front of each player or each seat. After all players have [laced the best, cards will be dealt. Three cards each player. Hands are ranked in following order from the highest to the lowest:

Straight Flush: three cards in sequence belonging to the same suit.
Three of a Kind: three cards of equal numbers or rank in any suit, of course.
Straight: three cards of sequence of different suits.
Flush: three cards of same suit and not in sequence
Pair: two cards of the same number or face or value
High Card: none of the above but this plays the highest card in your hand.

Since there is little probability in getting Straight Flush and the other hands, there is what we call the Ante Bonus. This means you will be paid a bonus if you get a Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, or a Straight Flush even if you do not beat the hand of the house.

The second best casino game is Pai Gow Banker. In this game, any layer may choose to play the role of the banker. If you do this though, you should give a five percent (5%) commission to the house for your winnings. If you have been playing poker for a long time, Pai Gow is something from you since the strategy of the game is just about the same.

Next on my list of the best casino games is Blackjack. This game is also won by skill, not by chance. The gist of Blackjack is that you have cards that whose value should add up to 21. You get two cards minimum and you can draw another one later on. The objective is that your card value should be higher than the dealer’s. If your cards add up to more than 21, you are bust and you lose even if the dealer’s card is lower.

For the cards number two to 10, their values are counted as such. Face cards are worth ten points each. Ace may be considered a one or an eleven.

So, there you go. With this knowledge in hand, I do not want you to rush in the casino and bet like crazy. I have shown you very few of the best casino games based on the probability of winning through skill and not luck. There are many games out there which you can exploit. But from my experience, these are the best games that people can play easily and the bets are controlled.