Best Casino Payouts

If you play casino games - especially in live casinos - you have seen the pictures. You walk into a casino, and there is a smiling face holding a check for a million dollars or more. Someone has hit a progressive jackpot of some kind and made a fortune.

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The same thing goes for online play. You will see lists of players and user names that have scored big, and you think, why not me?

In order to get these kind of scores, keep in mind you are essentially playing a lottery ticket. The odds of actually hitting one of these jackpots are miniscule.

These are numbers games. There are very few realistic strategies. Essentially, you are hoping to get lucky, and that it is simply your "day."

There are a few loose guidelines you can follow:

1) The best casino payouts come from the big progressive jackpots. In order to hit these, you will have to spend some money. Essentially, be ready to gamble and expect that you might lose. There is an old saying; if you are scared, get a dog. If you want to win big and get the best casino payouts, you have to play and play hard. Stay within your means, but check your fear at the door.

2) Always play the maximum in a progressive slot or other game. Anything less is a complete waste. Most jackpots will only be paid off if you pay the maximum. If you are playing a progressive jackpot, the only reason is to get the big score. If you cant afford the full amount, drop down and play a smaller progressive. Its hard to imagine a worse feeling than popping a jackpot that should change your life and getting a fraction of the return because you did not put in all the money you should have.

Remember, unless you are wagering a large amount of money, the best casino payouts will be on games where you are trying to catch lightning in a bottle. That makes these games much harder, and unlikely that you will actually cash. However, there is only one way to get your picture on that way or your name on the online list - you have to play. If you dont put money in, you have no chance, no matter what game you are playing.

The best thing to do when you start playing casino games and looking for the best casino payouts is decide what you hope to accomplish. Do you want to have fun, spend some money on general entertainment and get an occasional score to keep you interested? Do you want to try to grind out a decent amount of money from playing a lot? Or do you want to try to catch a lottery ticket and hit one of the best casino payouts? If that is your goal, then apply the strategies outlined above and hope for the best. If you do that and get lucky, it might be your picture in that casino or your name on the Web site.