Best Internet Casino

Defining the best internet casino is as difficult as trying to pick the best real casino. "Best" is such a subjective term based on what the player really wants.

However, there are some things that can be defined with trying to determine the "best" something. The best internet casino is clearly open for debate.

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However, there are three that seem to show up on every top 10 list, no matter where you look.
According to most followers of the online gaming world, these are the most consistently recognized casinos:

1) Rushmore. This casino is widely regarded as perhaps the best internet casino. It is now taking U.S. players who can pay through credit card. It has the look and feel of a real luxury casino and the graphics are as good as you will find anywhere. It is relatively new, but a cutting edge casino in look, feel and design. Security is a big priority as well as is customer service. Almost any top 10 list you find will have this casino prominently mentioned.

2) Golden Palace. You probably know of them for their goofy advertising and marketing tactics, but this is a terrific all around casino and considered one of the best on the Web. Unlike a lot of the popular casinos. Golden Palace also operates a superb poker room. Unfortunately, Golden Palace is not available to U.S. players, but it is a gold mine for other countries.

3) Aztec Riches Casino. Another relative newcomer, this site has both downloadable and flash options for its players and a generous sign-up bonus. Managed by the Casino Rewards group, it has the microgaming Viper software and is another site with a very robust look and graphics package. Currently the site offers roughly 200 gambling games.

So which of these is the best internet casino? It could be any one of the three, or any one of about 100 other sites. So much of what makes a casino the best internet casino is how it fits for an individual player. Internet casinos and real casinos are like mates; what one person finds attractive, another one might not.

So while these three deserve some consideration for best internet casino, there are enough other options that you should investigate as much as possible before deciding which site gets your money.

Also, if you are a U.S. player, make sure you check all possible gaming restrictions in your individual state before picking a site. Most U.S. players are OK, but in some states, it is explicitly illegal to play. Make sure you know the rules before signing up. And don’t be afraid to show around. What makes the best internet casino might be completely different for you. If all you care about is poker, these sites might not work for you at all.

The best internet casino debate figures to rage on for quite some time as casinos add games and continue to take advantage of improving software and technological advances in presentation and security.