Opening An Online Casino Account

Online gamblers prefer online casinos to land based casinos mainly due to the tremendous convenience. In the past few years the gap between the two types of casinos has closed so much that not only are all the land based games available online, but new games have sprung up as well.

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It is hard to tell which online casinos are good and which are the ones that will close down without warning and keep your money. Furthermore, a casino is sometimes privy to some of your personal information such as your credit card details. You have to make sure that you open an account at a reputable casino to avoid being disappointed. There are several things that you can do before opening an account which will help you immeasurably.

The first thing you should do - before you do anything else - is check the casino’s license. All reputable casinos will have their license somewhere on the main page. There are also some casinos which have been given eCOGRA accreditation which means that they are monitored by an independent body. This ensures that all these casinos abide by a strict set of protocol.

You will also do well to open a free play account. You can do this without having to hand over any credit card or other personal details. This will allow you to get a good feel for the online casino’s capabilities without having to commit to signing up and parting with your money. You will also be able to test the various games to see if they offer what you are looking for in an online casino.

Most online casinos offer customer support. You have to look out for the type of support which is on offer. The chances are that you will rarely have a question to ask because online casinos tend to be quite user friendly. However, if you do need to ask something urgently then it is good to know that you have the support and expertise at your fingertips. E-mail support is quick and effective, but completely impersonal. If a casino does not offer telephone support then it should be avoided. One way to test a casino’s authenticity is to make up a bogus query via e-mail and see if the casino calls back. You can tell a lot about an online casino’s capability by the customer service it provides.

So, before you sign up, you should do your research thoroughly. There are hundreds of online casino information sites which offer tips on what to do when gambling online. The key is to be smart about the whole process and not to sign up at the first casino which offers you a 500% welcome bonus. Rather take your time than be disappointed in the outcome at a later stage. After all, you don’t want to lose money without even having a fair chance at a casino table.