About Casino Bonuses

Chances are you are scanning the Web looking for an online casino. Youíve played a few times in a real casino, enjoyed the action, and now want to take your game online. You find all kinds of Web sites promoting different gaming site, and you begin to evaluate.

Which one is the safest? Which one has the best money deposit and withdrawal options? Which one has the games I most want to play?

And perhaps the most interesting - which has the best online casino bonus?

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If you look around, you will see all kinds of promises from online casinos. $5,000 bonuses. $1,000 bonuses. But you should read the fine print on these and make sure they are giving what they say they are giving.

Players can be misled if they arenít careful. Reputable sites will offer legitimate bonuses, and somewhere out here is the best online casino bonus.

There are many different bonuses and ways to collect them. Sites want you to give them a try, and if you like them, hopefully you will stick around and spend lots of money. The more creative the bonus, the better for you.

A new trend by some online casinos is to offer $500 for a player to wager free of charge in an hour, and they have to make at least 100 bets, winning no less than $20. They also have to deposit $20. With a good run, a player can come away with a very nice bonus for essentially a $20 investment.
In general, however, the best online casino bonus is the one that simply matches what you put in up to a given amount. If that is $100, and you deposit $100 and get a bonus of the same amount, giving you $200 to play with.

Some sites will offer additional bonuses for downloading software.
Some of the best online casino bonuses also come from the poker rooms. Even the most popular sites, such as PokerStars and Full Tult, offer significant bonuses.

For players looking to get involved with online gaming, the bonus program is essential.
Smart players can take advantage of these bonuses and make a significant amount of money. For instance, if you can take the $500 free promotion, make your 100 bets on a game with a low house edge, and even with some losses of 10 percent over the hour, you would still be pulling in $450 for a $20 investment simply by taking a conservative approach to betting the bonus.
Savvy players can take advantage of their bonus offers and improve their bankrolls.

One thing players should make sure of on a one-time bonus is that they are getting maximum return. If a site is offering a 100 percent match up to $100, deposit $100 - do not settle for $50. You have left $50 on the table before you have placed a bet. Knowledge of this is the key to picking out the best online casino bonus, benefiting from it and becoming a successful online player.