Best Online Casino

Quantifying what makes the best real-life casino isnít easy. Some players prefer glitz and glamour; others like the simple pleasures of a small, well-served casino.
When ranking the best online casino, several factors come into play: look, feel, bonus program, games available, software, ease of getting money in and out, and much more.

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Several Web sites rank online casinos all the time. Many of these are paid by casinos and rank them based on how much the sites pay them.

However, there are some consensus top casinos that appear on all the Web Sites, and also fan sites as well. Like a real casino, it is hard to quantify what makes the best online casino, and different people will have different preferences. But here is a group that shows up on a lot of lists:

1) Bodog. Fewer casino games than most but race and sports book betting, great poker room and accepts U.S. players. The Bodog race and sports betting can be done without downloads. Bets go in almost instantly on the horses and sports teams so you can get down quickly.
2) Rushmore Casino. Accepts U.S. players and has the largest welcome bonus.
3) Royal Vegas. Nice bonus, no U.S. players.
4) Inter Casino. Monthly bonus, no U.S.
5) Super Slots. Accepts U.S. players.
6) Vegas Palms. Offers a 200 percent welcome bonus but does not allow U.S. players.
7) Slot Land Casino. This casino is no download casino and has a $100 welcome bonus. It also accepts U.S. players.
8) Platinum Play has a $300 bonus. No U.S. players.
9) English Harbor has a $270 welcome bonus but no U.S.players.
10) Riverbelle Casino. 100 percent match to $100.

If you poll hundreds of sites and fans, you will get hundreds of different responses. The things that make the best online casino are simple - do you enjoy the experience? Do you get everything you want? If you are a slot fan, then All Slots has to make your list. If you like race and sports betting in addition to poker, the Bodog will likely be high on your lost as well. The key to the best online casinos isnít the casinos themselves. Itís you. What do you want? What do you enjoy? Thatís where you have to do the research yourself and study the top sites.

If you are in the United States, you have to narrow your search. Many of the top sites will not accept U.S. players. But there are still very many good ones that will, including several on the list above.

Some casinos have better blackjack; some have more of the obscure games to keep you occupied when you get bored. The bottom line is what makes the best online casino is completely up to your interests.

By spending some time with some of these and other top casinos, you will find the one that suits your game and your interests the best. And your online gaming experience will be better for it.