Casino Account Opening Tips


There are a number of different casinos available for people to use online and it is this diversity that gives the casino community such strength. However, at the same time it is also this diversity that gives the casino community the bad apples that are able to make money by cheating their customers and not only do they hurt their own reputation when they do this, but they also hurt the reputation of all of the honest casino operations and that is not good for anyone. If you have been stung before or are worried about being stung by opening a online casino account, here are some tips to help you make sure that you do not get stung in that way.

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The first thing that you want to make sure you do is conduct extensive research into finding out exactly what your casino is offering and how much you can trust them. In this day and age of instant online information, what you can be absolutely sure of is the fact that researching an online casino is extremely easy. There are literally dozens of websites that make their living from keeping an eye on the online casino industry and if a particular casino has a bad reputation, all of these websites will know about it.

So, make sure that you keep a close eye on websites of this nature and of course make sure that you understand that researching these online casinos is quite literally the most important thing you could ever do to ensure that you do not get burned by trusting your money with a casino that is not reputable.


Even with all of the research in the world, finding a casino with a bad reputation and trusting them with your money is possible simply because there are so many new casinos getting their start on a regular basis. Therefore, your second step should be to clarify. If you have found no bad information on a particular casino in your research, talk to the casino staff and try to clarify what it is they do. Ask them what they need from you, what their payment options are and what you need to open an account. While even reputable casinos require identification for security, you can tell the bad casinos as being the ones that are unprofessional and give unsatisfactory answers to these questions.


In spite of your best efforts, research and clarification are not enough to 100% guarantee that you are never going to get stung. The best crooked operations will maintain reasonably good reputations and will of course be ultra professional and that is why you need a contingency to ensure that when you do get stung, you do not get stung bad. Maintain a separate method of payment for just online casinos and if it is a credit card make sure that it has the smallest credit limit they allow.

This will allow you to sleep easy at night knowing that even in the unlikely event research and clarification have not stopped you from getting involved with a crooked online casino, the contingency you have in place will make sure that they really canít cause you a lot of harm.