How to Choose a Reputable Online Casino?

When an industry booms, a number of different things will happen to that industry. While a lot of new and cool things will be available as part of the boom, at the same time there will be a large proliferation of the industry and that can cause some problems. In the specific case of the online casino industry, those problems have to do with casinos ripping people off and robbing them of their hard earned money. While this is certainly a problem and one that must be taken seriously, there are a number of ways that you can close to eliminate the chances of that happening to you. Always play at reputable online casinos and you can find such casinos by applying the criteria listed below.


Licensing is the single most important thing that you can take a look at when it comes to finding a reputable online casino. If the online casino does not have a license to operate, then not only are they not reputable, but they are actually conducting operations that are illegal. These are not the casinos that you want to be in business with, so make sure before you trust a casino with your money that they are licensed by some authority or political entity.

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Another thing that you want to look at in terms of licensing is the location. Different countries can offer online gambling licenses to casinos and not all of these countries are created equal. Wouldn’t you rather have an online casino licensed in Canada or Great Britain than an online casino licensed in Costa Rica? The answer that most people would give to that question is yes, so keep in mind the country of licensing as well when you decide which casinos to play at.

Casino Support

Another way to tell if a particular online casino is reputable is the support that they give. Almost every reputable online casino in the world will have 24/7 support available from their website and this will be in the form of at least e-mail, but also phone and even live chat should you want it. If you send an e-mail to an online casino and it takes them a week to respond and in addition to that they do not have any other modes of support, then be very wary about doing business with them. A reputable online casino will have multiple modes of support open to you and they will all be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Casino Software

Finally, the online casino software is another way that you can judge the reputability of a particular casino. Does the online casino make its own casino software that is low quality, or does the casino use licensed software from companies such as Microgaming and Playtech? If the answer is the former, then you might need to exercise some caution, especially if the above two points are not in their favor as well. While there are some notable exceptions (like Casino-on-Net), generally reputable online casinos will have a very high quality and licensed software package from one of the big software companies in the business.