Top Ten Casino Hints And Tips

The easiest way to win at casinos as well as have fun is to learn from other people’s mistakes and listen to the advice they have to offer. Other people’s hard earned knowledge can help you become a winner from the word go!

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If you are going to Las Vegas, remember to subscribe to the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter. The information provided in the newsletter will help you have fun and help save you money where possible. Even if you are not a regular, one trip is enough to make this newsletter worth its cover price. Subscribers get their Pocketful of Values coupon book with loads of saving coupons worth over a hundred dollars. This year you can expect more than 20 two for the price of one buffet options, as well as more than 20 two for one show coupons and 23 match play coupons. You can subscribe at

Another top ten casino hints guide book is this year’s edition of the US Casino Guide book. It also has loads of tear-off coupons as well as tons of info on every US casino. Each casino has listed directions, location, and toll free numbers, and maps are printed throughout the guide. To get yours today or for more info, visit

A top ten casino hint worth its weight in gold is for everyone to check out Hooter's casino when visiting Las Vegas. It has a great perk for new members, to welcome them to the Player’s Club. You can count on getting back the first hundred dollars that you lose here.

Speaking of top ten casino tips, the Island View casino in Gulfport, offers players a four to ten times multiple on the points they generate when playing slot machines and video poker on a Monday. Their average free play rebate is around 0.11% based on coin-in, which means you can get .44 to 1.1% free play on Mondays. They have progressive jackpots on better video poker gaming machines, which is a great deal with the four to ten times promotion.

If you are out to play fair blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip for around five to ten dollar stakes, head on over to either the Monte Carlo or MGM Grand. Both offer six-deck shoe games where the dealer is forced to stand on all soft seventeens. You can also double after you split a pair, and you are able to surrender lousy hands. You are more likely to find five to ten dollar minimum casino games at the Monte Carlo casino.

Another top ten casino tip worth mentioning is to always make sure to check the expiry dates on all your sports books’ winning tickets. Other tickets with expiration dates include the tickets you get for your credits when playing on video poker or slot machines.

Based on past experience, the Palms Casino on Flamingo in Las Vegas just West of the strip has some of the loosest slot machines in town. They also have some high paying video poker machines.