Best Casino Games

Anyone who has ever gambled has pondered the thought of making a living at it. The thrill of victory has given many a player visions of huge bankrolls, a lavish lifestyle and a swashbuckling life. The reality is making a living at gambling isnít easy. It takes skill, persistence and patience. But it can be done. If you are looking for the best casino games to make a living, there are two to study in depth: Poker and blackjack.

Without a doubt, these are the best casino games for the player who wants to try to put food on the table.

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1) Poker. Many players watch the World Series of Poker on TV and think the tournament player with his flashy sunglasses and snarky remarks is the epitome of the professional poker player. But in reality, many pros are much more like John Turturroís character in Rounders; grind-it-out players who arenít flashy at all. Most of them donít even go near the volatile nature of tournaments; they play any of the millions of cash games available at casinos and online. These are the best casino games for making a longterm profit. Mind you, you canít simply show up at a table and start making a living. Learning the mathmatics and subtleties of the game are critical to becoming successful. Some players have natural ability and pick it up much faster than others. But with a lot of study, practice and practical application, it is possible to learn to become an effective poker player. But you have to prepared to lose for a while during the learning period. And you might need to play well below the level you think in order to win money. Once you have accepted that, you can start trying to move your way up through the cash games.

2) Blackjack. This one is a little more difficult, because blackjack is played against the house while poker is played against other players. In poker, if you are better than the other players, over time you will win. In blackjack, skilled players can do very well, but you still have to beat the house. There are set mathematical rules and theorems to follow in order to estimate the correct number of cards and the correct move to make. But a player who can master this has found one of the best casino games for making a living. It is much more difficult than poker, but it is certainly not impossible. As with poker, it takes lots of study, practice, and frankly, some losing. But the savvy player with a strong math background can do very well.

There are many games that alleged gambling experts swear by, but when it comes to the best casino games to make a living at, poker and blackjack rank as the best. If you find you donít have an affinity for either game, you might need to consider something else for you career as you look for a new job.