History of Online Casino

Las Vegas is the "fatherland" of all gambling and it is interesting to find out how this place turned out to be literally the Gambling Capital of the world. Going way back into history, you will find that this place was discovered by a Spanish wagon train by mistake. It so happened that this Spanish people had lost their way and they were looking for water. In their desperation to find water they wandered around and stumbled upon a spring here. At that time the place was a modest valley and with the spring it became a good place for starting a settlement. Trade flourished in this region from then onwards though it had nothing to do with gambling and casinos until a long time later.

The Las Vegas Valley was in fact not very popular as it was situated in a swamp area and as the name would indicate (swampy areas) there were many health issues associated with the region.

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The Las Vegas As You Know It Today

It was only in the beginning of the 20th Century that Las Vegas gained importance as a gambling haven. It happened that gambling was extremely popular in the USA around that time (beginning of the 21st Century) and owing to the addictive nature of the gambling games the State of Nevada passed an anti-gambling law making all gambling illegal in the State. However, as with the Prohibition, gambling too, found a way to stay alive right under the nose of the law and illegal gambling - which was however accepted in general - flourished during this time.

Owing to the immense popularity and revenue that gambling was bringing in, the USA senate was looking into a way to have a winning stance on both accords. After much deliberation and debate, it was decided in 1931 that casino-style gambling could be legalized. This was a turning point in the history of gambling in USA.

Las Vegas was chosen as the haven for gambling mainly because of its out-of-the-way location. This place was meant to become an island of happiness, enjoyment, thrill and one-track mind pursuance of Lady Luck.

The Online Casinos are born

Las Vegas was (and is) a runaway success. This inspired entrepreneurs to bring it on a different platform. Las Vegas was accessible to millions every day, who came to the city in search of happiness, enjoyment and thrill. What about a way where the casino would be brought to the people? How about a way whereby everyone who wants to gamble Las Vegas style can do so in a matter of seconds from wherever they lived? No, this is not a wish to ask from a genie - it was the line of thought that culminated with the inauguration of the first online casino on August 18, 1995.

The name was Internet Casinos, Inc (ICI) and it started its operations from non-USA territory - on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Another one followed suit by the name of The Gaming Club and Intertops Casino during the mid 90s and in 1996 the Interactive Gaming & Communications Corporation started to operate from Antigua. This was the first gambling establishment that found itself a listing in NASDAQ.

Today, there are more than 452 major online gambling casinos in the Internet according to the Rolling Good Times Online magazine and these operate through thousands of subsidiaries and affiliates. The business turnover of online casinos is estimated to be around US $50 billions.