Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are the one single attraction that draws people in hoards towards online casinos. True, there won’t be any bonus drinks/meals for the players in an online casino. But the casino owners have invented lucrative ways to gather player attention. However, given the huge variety of bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos, one is ought to be confused as to how much a player could benefit from a particular bonus/promotion. The only way out of this dilemma is to have a clear understanding of available bonuses, and that is exactly what the current article intends to do for the readers - the bonus types.

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To start with, here is one everyone is nearly aware of: the welcome bonus. Also referred to as ‘signup bonuses’, it is the bonus that welcomes a player into an online casino. Since there is lots of competition amongst online casinos, there is an apparent urgency amongst casino owners to offer competing welcome bonuses to the players, sometimes even making it look a bit unrealistic. It is said unrealistic because, sometimes, for the common man, the offer looks too good to be true. But, in many cases, it is true, and hence it is advisable to check it out if came across such a ‘lucrative’ welcome bonus offer anywhere.

There are two types of welcome bonuses that are offered by online casinos: match bonus and no-deposit bonus. The former one means that the casino will match the player’s first deposit by a certain percentage, up to a certain amount mostly. For example, if an online casino offers 100% match bonus up to $150, it means that for every dollar that a player deposits with the casino, the casino also deposits an equal amount, subjected to a ceiling of $150. For beginners, they won’t get a better chance to double their playing time for half the price. However, welcome bonuses are not extended to regular players.

A no-deposit bonus, on the other hand, lets players start gaming without making an initial deposit. Instead, the online casino will issue them credits to begin their gaming session. Evidently, not many online casinos offer the no-deposit bonus to its players.

Then there are monthly bonuses, mainly aimed at players who have once played with the online casino using the welcome bonus. By offering them a monthly bonus, the casinos are attempting to draw them back again to the website with the hope that at some point they’ll become gambling buffs blowing up a lot of money on casino games. It is also called reload bonus because it is with this money that a player reloads his account again. The monthly bonus is usually in the tune of 20% of the reloading money a player spends.

Payment method bonus is another bonus offered by online casinos, especially the established ones. Such online casinos offer a wide array of payment options – such as PayPal, Moneybookers, click2pay etc – and those using such methods to deposit money are usually offered a bonus of 10-15% of the original deposit amount to game.

Finally, there are the high roller bonuses, targeted at players who are willing to deposit or wager huge amounts in gambling games. As such people makes the most profitable catch for the online casinos, they are only happy to offer them special bonuses, VIP privileges, and other perks so that they stick to the casino for longer durations.

There are lots of bonuses that online casinos offer to the players. The trick is to understand these bonuses, and choose the ones that suits one’s playing style. The bottom line is to take maximum advantage out of the bonuses, and spend as less as possible. If one is not earning anything in gambling, why playing in online casinos after all?