Let it Ride - How to Play

Let It Ride is a casino game which is just a little over a decade old as it was launched by Shuffle Master Inc, in the year 1993. The casino game became an instant hit because it was fun to play and offered huge payouts. The fun is generated because the casino players in the game do not play against one another and thence with time, they become friends over time and enjoy the game together.

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The Rules of Let it Ride

Before you play Let It Ride game you need to know how it is played. The Let It Ride game is a little like the Poker game. There would be three circles in front of you - one marked as 1, another marked as 2 and the third one marked as $. The game starts with each player placing a bet in each of the circles; the bets placed are equal. Once this is done the shuffle machines takes over and deals three cards for each player and one extra out of which one is discarded leaving only two in the center face down. The rest of the cards are dumped in the discard tray as well.

This is when the players will look into the cards that they have been dealt and if they find these okay they would 'let it ride' and keep on the bet they placed in the circles. If they find that the cards are not favorable, they could take back their bet placed in circle marked 1. As soon as all the players make their decisions, the first community card (of the two that are on the table face down) is turned face up. This acts as the fourth card for all the participating players.

As this is done the whole process is repeated; now you have the option to leave or let it ride on the second bet. You cannot do anything with the first bet though; that becomes untouchable now. As soon as the dealer has the decision of all the players, the second (and the last) card is upturned. This is the fifth card of all the players. This is when the winnings are declared and paid off.

The Winning Hands of the Let It Ride

Every Let It Ride game has a special strategy that helps you win and in order to know how to act when you get your cards, you need to know what the best hands are you could get in this online casino game. The cards that would tell you to let it ride when you are negotiating the first bet would be a pair of tens (which would actually be a winning hand), a three card royal flush or a three card straight flush. Any other combination and you should take back your bet.

For the second bet, the winnings hands would be a pair of tens again (which is the best you can get), a four card royal flush or straight flush, four high cards and a four card open ended straight - everything else and you should not maintain the second bet.