Top Ten Casino Tips

Tip 1: Play free. All the best online casinos offer free games to give you the chance to try before you buy. Play for real once you understand all the ins and outs.

Tip 2: Play the field. You don't have to pay for airfare, gasoline, or get all dressed up when you visit an online casino. Turn the money you've saved on all those unnecessary expenses into cash by stopping by at all the best internet casinos.

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Tip 3: Play safe Part 1. It can't be denied that there are some deceitful online casino operators. Look for microgaming online casinos offering microgaming slots, microgaming blackjack and other microgaming games. These, as well as Playtech games (playtech slots, for example) are recognized as reputable gaming platforms with reliable payouts and reliable playing margins. Free games are exact simulations of the games you pay for, using the same random number generator software.

Tip 4: Play Safe Part 2. Any online casino worth playing publishes payout percentage audits on their websites. Make sure you check that the site is audited regularly by a recognized outside auditing firm.

Tip 5: Play bonuses. The best online casinos use bonuses to reel in new players and keep hold of the regulars. Some of the most popular microgaming casino bonus categories are:
signup found on virtually all sites, can be a set dollar amount, chip amount or even a 100% deposit match.
Cashable - may include a specific number of minutes for use (free $100 for 60 minutes, for example);
sticky a non-cashable bonus used to plump your pot (if you win $400 with a $100 sticky, you cash out $300).

Tip 6: Play smart: Read bonus rules before accepting. Most bonuses come with wager restrictions or requirements. Investigate thoroughly before accepting any bonus.

Tip 7: Play promotions. Another variation of the online casino bonus is the online casino promotion. When top online casinos partner with service providers like travel agencies and restaurants you win twice. Along with regular pots you'll accumulate points which can be cashed in for services you want.

Tip 8: Play legal. There are strict online gambling laws in effect in Australia, some parts of the US and parts of Europe and Asia. Legal online casinos are regulated and have their policy clearly published on their sites.

Tip 9: Play the odds. Odds are mathematical computations that let you know how likely you are to win or lose a game. There is a winner every game - you, the house or another player. Top casinos post the odds for specific games that will help you decide when to keep going and when to fold.

Tip 10: Play strategically. Have a win-lose strategy that will keep you in the black. After you've checked the bonuses, check the odds, and followed all of the other tips listed above, plan how much you're going to spend on a given day or at a given game/table. Passed your own limit? Call it a night and try again tomorrow.