Can The Online Dealer Be Trusted?

In a land-based casino much effort is put into ensuring that the dealer or croupier is a trustworthy and honest person. People have come to accept that the dealer isnít normally cheating and it isnít one of the main worries a player has in a regular casino. Playing casino games online is somewhat different when it comes to the dealer as this is usually not a person but a computer. Can the online casino dealer be trusted?

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Random Number Generator

Most online casinos that are powered by serious software providers like Microgaming and Playtech work with something called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is meant to generate numbers or symbols without any pattern. This method can be achieved differently depending of the specific software and it is usually pretty fool proof. It should be said that there is no RNG that has proven to be without any flaw but then again there is probably not one dealer that works better than the computerized version. If a Playtech deck is governed by a RNG it can be trusted just as well as the card dealer at the casino in Las Vegas. If there should be anything fishy with the RNG it says something about the casino rather than the technique itself but a player that turns to established places like a Playtech casino will probably find this method better than the original croupier.

Live Dealer

Both the Microgaming software and the Playtech software offer the function of a live dealer online. Now, one could very well wonder why people would want this when the Random Number Generator is doing such a good job in ensuring fairness. Isnít the very advantage of playing on a computer that one gets away from the human factor? The truth is that these dealers are just as observed as a dealer in a land-based casino and it is highly unlikely that they should try to cheat more than any other dealer.

The Playtech Casino offers a Live Dealer Blackjack where the dealer can be seen in a window during the game. The six players that are seated at the table can chat with the dealer as the game goes on, just like what would have been possible in a land-based Blackjack game. Other games that are available online with a live dealer are Baccarat and Roulette. The Microgaming system software offers the Baccarat with a live dealer but more games with this function are expected to be introduced in the future.

Look for eCogra

Whether a casino is only using a RNG as their method of ensuring fair games or live dealers are also part of the package a good way to find out if they can be trusted is to look for the eCogra seal. If an online casino has the eCogra seal on its website it means that it has been tested to produce random results by an independent organization. This is a very good measure when it comes to knowing if to trust an online dealer or not.