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While online casinos have exploded in popularity and offer a variety of advantages of traditional casinos, there are still some things you can get from going to a real top casino. The land based casinos are not as effective for the gambler looking for a convenient way to play. But there are still things you can get at a land-based casino that you will not get online.

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1) Social atmosphere. Let’s face it; playing from the comfort of your own home in your underwear is very convenient. And with the chat function, you can make friends online. But the atmosphere at a top casino, where you can meet new people and enhance your gaming experience, is still difficult to replicate online.

2) Entertainment. Yes, you can flip on your TV while you are playing online and watch whatever you want. But the shows at a top casino are still unique and something worth seeing.

3) Escapism. Yes, you can get this online, but part of the charm of a real casino is getting out of town for a bit, staying in a nice hotel and escaping from your problems.

4) Interaction with dealers. This can be a negative too, but part of the fun of playing in a real casino is getting involved with the people running the games. Some online sites have life dealers, but there is a charm to chatting with others live.

5) In games like poker, reading physical tells can never be matched online. Yes, there are online tells, but this is a different skill. Carefully watching an opponent for information is still something that can only happen in a real casino.

6) General atmosphere. The physical feel of a chip in your hand; the way the casino feels when you walk in; the constant ringing and chiming.

7) A top casino feel and service can be replicated online, but the comps sometimes are better than the actual bonuses you get.

8) Aural sensation. The online sites are great at audio and visuals, but a real casino has a larger feel to it.

9) Immediate interaction with pit bosses and customer support. Most online sites do this now, too, but live they are never far away.

10) Easy to get your cash at the cages. Actually trading chips for cash will always be easier than withdrawing.

This is not to say real gaming is superior to online gaming. The online game has a lot of advantages that the real casino will never be able to match. But in the ever-changing gaming landscape, there is still room for the traditional casino, and reasons to continue to do both. A top casino is still an excellent place to visit in person and find many things to do. A top online casino provides an entirely different but equally entertaining experience.

In the end, if you like to gamble, you will want to do both. And you can find a top casino online or in real life with no problems.