Playing Casinos in US

Playing casinos in the US are going from strength to strength. The Washington DC based American Gaming Association recently stated that about 51 million people-a group so large they are equivalent to around one quarter of the entire US population over 21-visited a casino in 2002.

From the beginning of 2001 to 2002, the United States Playing casinos in the US grew by three per cent, from 25.7 billion dollars to 26.5 billion dollars. And this figure is only the amount of people who visited casinos legally and domestically. Internationally, although no specific figures exist, the number could easily be estimated to be double that of the US market.

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From the neon lights of the Las Vegas strip to the New York Chinatown's illegal pai gow parlors, there is a large range of betting shops and casinos from which these potential hundred million people can choose. For most people playing casinos in US, proximity is the most important factor, as in Atlantic City where buses filled with tourists run around the clock. Equally popular choices are the continuous hovercrafts linking Macao and Hong Kong, and the regular flights to Las Vegas from destinations around the world.

Of course, there is more to playing casinos in US than just gambling. Since the start of the 1960s casinos have operated on the idea that while roulette or blackjack may be their primary revenue stream, it's crucial to offer other gamer incentives as well to keep occasional gamers coming back to the games. As a result, free drinks, all-you-can-eat buffets, floor shows, and increasingly, glamorous accommodations became more common. Today, Las Vegas promotes itself as much as a family friendly destination as a gaming destination.

For the person looking for top-end playing casinos in US, concerns such as buffets and proximity are of less importance. There are usually 2 kinds of people in this group: the rich amateur and the professional gambler. In this article we will set aside the hard-core gambler's needs because they usually follow the cash and don't normally need luxury amenities to lure them.

The rich amateur, on the other hand, is an individual, who has the money to play, wants the best offering, is very likely to bring along his or her friends or family. They want their guests to be entertained while they are hitting the tables. At this expensive level, many top playing casinos in US offer pretty much the same experience as far as gambling goes. They all offer most of the same games, as well as special perks as shows or private rooms.

Ironically, what makes top playing casinos in US distinctive from others is often not really any different from what lures the average gamer, except that what is on offer is normally considered better quality. Why settle for a shuttle bus when a top end casino will send you a private jet? Why wait in line at some common all-you-can-eat buffet when you can have a gourmet meal sent to your private room?