Sit Ní Go Tournament Strategy


Sit Ní Go Strategy is one of the most important things you need to learn if you are going to start specializing in tournament poker. This is specifically because of the fact that if you get the strategy down then games themselves are going to seem a lot like shooting fish in a barrel. Especially at the lower levels of most sit ní go tournaments, what you are going to find is a lot of people that have no clue what they are doing, are thrilled to be playing in a tournament for such a small amount of money and therefore are not going to be very disciplined in the way that they play. There are ways for you to beat these players very easily and the main way in which you want to approach these games is to play your normal tight-aggressive strategy, but to the extreme. Be extra tight and be extra aggressive.

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Early Stages

The early stages of the tournament are where you absolutely want to have these types of strategies going for you, because the less skilled players are going to kill each other off at this stage. Playing ultra tight means only playing very premium hands like high pairs (AA down to JJ) and going all in with these hands in early position, while raising with them in late position. With QQ and JJ you might not want to go all in when you are in early position, so just raise and fold if you are subject to a re-raise all in. Other premium hands include things like AK, AQ, AJ and KQ either suited or unsuited and with these cards you want to raise aggressively, but fold AQ, AJ and KQ if re-raised.

The aim of the game is primarily survival, but it is also growth. The way you grow is to either get it all in with a premium hand, or else get in cheaply with a semi-premium hand and if you flop something excellent, get it all in. Semi-premium hands in this case include all other pairs and suited connectors down to 5-4s. If you flop a big hand like a set but there are draws to straights and flushes on the board, make sure you go all in and force your opponent to take atrocious odds for their draw. If you get knocked out at an early stage, it should only be through very bad luck; not through anything else. If you donít bet big and your opponent makes the flush, then you have nobody but yourself to blame for allowing them to stay in the hand.

Middle and Late Stages

By the time you get down to half the field or so having been eliminated, most of the bad players will be gone and unless they have been subject to some bad luck earlier on, the good and medium players will still be around. This is why the ultra tight, ultra aggressive strategy is such a good one, because while you are spending less time in hands and more time observing your opponents, they will also (the good ones anyway) have noticed your ultra tight tendencies. Therefore, do not be afraid to steal blinds from the better players, taking advantage of your reputation, but against the bad players remain in your ultra tight, ultra aggressive mode until you get in the money. Once you get in the money, throw everything open and be as aggressive as you would playing heads up.