When To Quit

No matter what kind of game you play, gambling is gambling. You are risking money, and there is an element of luck. You could be the best poker player in the world, but get a bad run of cards and lose a lot of money.

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Whether or not you are playing in a traditional casino or the top casinos online, there is an important adage: Know when to say when. You have to know when to quit, or the gambling experience becomes a heart-wrenching affair.

There is a sickness called "gamblerís gut." It is the feeling of hopelessness that comes with a bad losing streak, where deep in your stomach you feel physically ill. You scrape the last pennies out of your pocket and try to figure out how to get back everything you lost. You wonder what happened to your bankroll, and depression begins to set in.

Walk the streets of Las Vegas at night and you will see hundreds of people with Gamblerís Gut. Blank stares, the look of lost souls. Even the top casinos online have players with Gamblers Gut. You just donít see them.

The easiest way to avoid this and be a successful player is never lose more than you set out to lose. Get an acceptable bankroll, and whether it is line or in the top casinos online, stick to it. Once you lose it, go do something else.

Gamblers Gut happens when you have a losing streak, then reach into other money you were holding back for something else to try to make it back. Here is one hard, cold truth of gambling: You will count the times on one hand when you go deeper into your pocket and rally. You will lose the other money and find yourself in a very bad situation. Once you get into the rent money or cab fare home Ė or, in the top casinos online Ė too deep into your credit card, itís time to quit.
Losing streaks happen to everyone, no matter how good a gambler you are. The difference between a perennial loser and a player who comes away with winning days is careful bankroll management and knowing when to surrender. Once you feel the onset of gamblers gut, you have a tendency to start chasing, and making bad bets to make up for the bets you lost. It seems like you luck is getting worse and worse, but the truth is, now you are doubling your wagers and losing more often to try and get even.

In these situations, you simply have to know when to quit and call it a night. Cut your bets in half when you are down; donít double them. Think in terms of lessening your losses instead of trying to recoup them.

Live or in the top casinos online, following this rule will help prevent gamblers gut. Itís really just a matter of keeping things under control and enjoying them. Knowing when to say when is corny, but it is the difference between good clean fun and harmful losing.