Best Casino Promotions

The gambling world is growing exponentially every day. Online casinos are everywhere and number in the hundreds. Cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City continue to boom. New, lavish casinos are opening everywhere in states like Louisiana, Missouri and Illinois. Racetracks have casino gambling.

The landscape is getting bigger and better each day.

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Where will it end? Chances are, it won’t. But if you are a regular casino goer and spend a lot of money, the broader landscape gives you a myriad of options and advantages. You can hunt for the best casino promotions and maximize your gaming experience before you ever play a hand of blackjack or spin a slot machine.

Essentially, you have to become a shopper. You are shopping yourself to casinos. The more you spend, the more valuable you are. And as many players as there are out there, casinos will still shop for the biggest ones.

A $1,000 a day player, quite simply, is worth ten $100 a day players and 20 $50 a day players.
So if you pump a lot of money in casinos, here is your way to get the best casino promotions:

1) Online. It is easy to shop for sign-up bonuses that match your initial investment. But for a player who puts in a lot of money, the best casino promotions are the ones that are ongoing. Again, shop yourself. Contact customer service, tell them how much you plan to bet and ask what bonus options are available to you if you do indeed live up to that. Most sites will give you an incentive program that benefits both of you. Spend some time contacting the sites. Of course, be honest about how much you will bet and you will maximize your potential return.

2) Live casinos. Many will now track your wagers through rewards cards, such as the Harrah’s company’s Total Rewards card. The more you play, the more comps you get. However, the same thing applies here; make some phone calls and tell them how much you plan to bet. You will often find they will give you a room on spec and give you a card so they can monitor how much you play. If you hit the number you told them, you won’t have to shop in the future. The casino will come to you and offer you a wide variety of options.

Keep in mind the best casino promotions are ones that benefit you the most. If you are planning on betting $5 a day, don’t expect to get lavish bonuses or free places to stay simply because of who you are. But can find some things that will give you value for your money.

If you are a regular player who does spend a lot of money, you are valuable and you should market yourself accordingly. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the best casino promotions by promoting yourself a little.

If you do that, the best casino promotions will be the ones that put additional money in your pocket.