The Best Online Casino Games

What are the best online casino games? It’s a good question, and one that any gambler will have asked himself many times.

Whilst it is well recognized that blackjack has the best odds for the player, and slots the worst, and of course that the overall payback percentages vary from site to site, one must wonder if this is all that it comes down to when considering the top online casino games. After all, we know that the casinos don’t give anything away, and that the percentages are set; it’s all math. We tell ourselves that blackjack with its basic strategy that has been laid out for us to follow giving us in some cases the advantage, is the leader of all the best online casino games – it’s the one in which we are most likely to succeed. But wait – the strategy has been laid out for us; we need make no decision, we need exercise no intuition or risk, we know exactly when to stick and when to hit; is this really what we mean when we’re talking about the top online casino games?

Yes of course the chance of winning is important, and top online casino games wouldn’t be thus called unless the prize was within our grasp. However, it can not surely be simply down to math! No, indeed it can’t, and that is why the best online casino games are the games that require skill and interaction; the top online casino games are the ones with personalities; the ones that require a person and not a machine in order to win!

The online casino industry has played as much a part in the proliferation of poker as the televised tournaments in the last ten years. Once a game for middle aged cigar smoking men, now all shapes and sizes are taking their chances at texas holdem, 7 card stud, Omaha Hi-Lo, Let it Ride. Why the interest? Maybe because in the search for the best online casino games, poker in all its variations has shown itself triumphant.

Poker is almost unique in the online casino world as it is played against other players. That’s not to say you will never play against the site, but most sites will offer you real time play which will pit you against flesh and blood opponents. You may say that the bluffs and the poker faces are no longer relevant, but in truth they’re simply shifted expression – the chat facility, the speed of response, the bet itself will all become your hints towards your opponents’ state of mind and state of play. The options for poker online today are amazing, you can get your friends together and play in a private room, you can play tournaments, you can play on $1 tables or $1,000 tables, you can improve your game, or make your millions. Are the statistics of a win as high as other games? Who cares!

The best online casino games are determined by all their values not just the outcome, and so when looking for the top online casino games, you’ve found them in poker.