Live Dealer Casinos

One of the main turn offs to many potential online casino gamblers is the lack of realism. Many players are looking for that personal touch that they could only find at a traditional brick and mortar casino. Also, there is still distrust among many of the gaming programs and the slick stylings of modern gambling programs. The best of both worlds would be to have actual human dealers online with all the convenience of a 24/7 gambling program. Luckily for the gambling community this is a reality and has been for some time now. However, this phenomenon hasnít caught on quite as well as the ever ubiquitous gambling programs, but its followers are loyal.

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Live dealer casinos are just what they sound like. The dealers are real human beings that are at a location and deal to players all over the globe. Obviously the logistics involved in making this possible is much more complex than writing a simple gaming program. The same type of technology used in allowing people to meet for business meetings on different sides of the globe is the same type of technology being used to bring people together to play their favorite casino games.

Live dealer casinos eliminate some of the classic problems that players face when playing on standard gambling programs like lack of interaction and poorly executed interfaces. But for all of the problems that live dealer casinos solve there are a few more that are created. Live dealer casinos have to be staffed with well trained dealers to be effective and reliable. This may sound like a simple issue but ask any table trainer in Las Vegas if there is a lot that goes into the selection and training of a well qualified dealer. If the casino that is offering live dealers isnít up to the challenge of putting forward a reliable product in the form of their dealers the entire system crumbles.

Another pitfall of live dealer casinos is the ever present problem of human fallibility. If the dealer that is dealing the cards is trying to skim a bit of the earnings for themselves the game play will feel much more like a mugging than an enjoyable game of cards. In a real world casino the player that feels that they have been treated unfairly by their respective dealer can go to the pit boss on duty and complain. There are also other measures a player can take with the various gaming control boards if they donít get satisfaction there. But with the online gambling world a player sometimes has no clue even what country their dealer is dealing from. What kind of accountability is a player supposed to find in such a casino?

Outside of criminal casinos taking advantage of customers is the more probable, yet still very annoying, delay of gaming action. Because the game is taking place on a global scale game play is slowed considerably from what players may be used to in a typical online casino.

With all the drawbacks aside live dealer casinos are a great option for players to try if they are looking for a new and exciting break from the same old rigmarole.