The Best Casinos for You! By Aaron Matthew Ang

Identifying the best casinos in the planet is a feat of a kind. It is very subjective and a lot of things need to be considered-rules of the games, food, hotel accommodation, customer service staff, freebies, and a lot more. Add to that the shows that they have to offer, the location, and the other establishments near them.

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So what I’m going to do is to give you a list of the top Atlantic City casinos and best casinos in Las Vegas. I will also include the best casinos in other locations as well. However, please bear in mind that the list is not in any order at all. This means I did not write them down here from best to worse or vice versa. Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And winning is in the hands of the bettor, if there is such a word.

First in my list is the Foxwoods Resort Casino. It opened its doors in 1986 in Mashantucket in Connecticut. Now, it has a whooping 340,000 square feet of gaming area. Total area size of Foxwoods Resort Casino is 4.7 million square feet. Foxwoods Resort Casino is the largest casino in the world. It has about 7,000 slot machines, 100 poker tables and many more. They have a total of 1,416 guest rooms and a total of 55,000 square feet in 25 conference rooms.

Number two: The Bellagio. Of course, you will find this in Las Vegas, Nevada, also known as the Sin City. Let us say that The Bellagio is something like Bel Air or MGM Grand. The gaming floors are very lavish and impressive. It boasts of its Five-Star Diamond status class and their outdoor water display is just so fabulous it is enough to entice people to come.

Third on my list of best casinos: The MGM Grand. Everyone has seen this. Again, Las Vegas, Nevada. Spread of gaming area is 170, 000 square feet. The MGM Grand’s accommodation is considered one of the best in Las Vegas. It is also what many consider as one of the biggest casinos of its kind. They have a wide array of choices spa, dining, table games, and convention center.

Number four: Tropicana Casino Resort. This one is located in Atlantic City in New Jersey. The fame of this casino is attributed to its slot machines. People say they are lucky, the slot machines, not the people. And guess what, they offer shows if you need a breather.

One more best casino for you: Fallsview Casino Resort. This one is in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Of course, the attraction here is the legendary Niagara Falls. With a total of 180,000 square feet in size, Fallsview Casino Resort has over 3,000 slot machines and is known as a place where beginners and pros alike can hone their skills in different games. Even if you are in a tight budget, you may still enjoy your stay in hotels like Aston Michaels Inn. If you want a nice view of the falls, you may check in at the Embassy Suites Niagara Falls.

So there, make your choice. Think what matters most. If you lose, at least there are other things you can amuse yourself with.