Withdrawing Funds from an Online Casino

Every online gambler wants to win at whichever game they decide to play. Although you should always play to enjoy yourself, when it comes to playing for money then winning becomes that much more important. The question is how to claim your winnings after you have won.

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Claiming your winnings is often linked directly to how you funded your online casino account when you started. If, for example, you decided to upload funds into your account with the use of your credit card then the chances are that your winnings will be paid back into your credit card. You have to always read the fine print when signing up at a casino because some casinos will only refund you on your credit card what you have originally deposited and then send you a cheque for the balance. This can take up to a week to receive and then you still have to wait for the cheque to clear. If you win, you do not want to have to wait so long to be able to use your own money.
Money orders and cheques used to fund an online account work the same way. The casino will send you a cheque for the winning amount and the waiting period is the same.

There are many options available to you where you do not have to go via your own bank or have to wait for a cheque. The secure online funds transfer market is a billion dollar industry and there are many different ways to fund your account so that you will be paid out much quicker than conventional banking methods.

One such way is NETeller. This secure online payment system, as well as some others, allows you to receive a physical ATM card. This allows you access to your own funds in your own currency so that when your funds are deposited into your account by the casino they do not have to go via your commercial bank. NETeller is available in most countries outside of the USA and Canada. With so many options out there it will be no problem to find a payment method which suits your needs. You just have to do your research properly.

When signing up it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to read all the terms and conditions. Some casinos offer incredible sign up bonuses but this is often just a smokescreen to draw unsuspecting online gamblers into difficult accounts. The longer a casino keeps your money in the account, the more interest they generate in their own bank accounts. Just make sure that if you want your money to be paid out it will be paid out within a reasonable time period and into an account of your choice. Most online casinos are quite liberal with releasing a player’s money when requested. You just have to look out for the bad ones.