If you are going to play in a casino, in person or online, there is one thing you simply canít live without. The one key to success no matter what you are trying to accomplish. The most important element of wagering is Luck.

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Some games limit the luck factor. Poker is more a game of skill, but there is still luck involved. No matter what game you are playing, you have to have some luck.

In live casinos, there is a way to ride your lucky streaks. Same goes for online casinos, such as those that use the microgaming system.

When you are on a lucky streak, simply increase the amounts of your wagers relative to your bankroll. For instance, if you started with $100 and are betting in $10 increments and your bankroll gets up to $150, increase your wagers to $15. Ride your lucky streak and keep building your bankroll.

Online, the microgaming system is designed to provide fair games. In a fair game, luck is a big factor as well. The important thing to remember when you are having runs of good luck is when to get out when it slows down. If you build your initial $100 bankroll up to $150 and increase your bets, then $200 and increase your bets again, then $250, etcÖkeep going. But if you get to $250 and start to back up a little, or go on a run, or not gain any ground, it might be time to consider calling it a day. When you are up and have ridden a lucky rush, you have to ride it as far as you can, then get out before it falls apart.

This is simply good strategy at a casino. You always have the right to stop playing, and can walk away anytime you want, live or online.

Good players make a lot of their own luck by recognizing this and getting out while they are ahead. Players who keep chasing when the money starts to dwindle usually wind up losing their profit and what they started with, too, and then reload.

Losing, frankly, is bad luck. Whether you are playing at a real table or on a microgaming system, you have to know when it is OK to step away from the table.

Some games are complete based on luck. While people may claim to have a system for roulette or slots, these are still games of luck. Thatís OK; you can certainly have good luck by playing them. Again, the strategy above will work just fine on these games; ride your good luck rush as long as you can, and build your bankroll. But know when to quit, too.

Sometimes you will go into a casino and people will say, "that guy is lucky." Itís more likely he knows when he is lucky and continues to take advantage of it. That will work live or on a microgaming system. Know you to be lucky at a casino and you will find out you actually are.