Losing Streaks

No matter who you are or what game you play at a casino, there is one thing you can count on - at some point you will go through a losing streak. The best gamblers know this and minimize their losses during these stretches. But keep losing days small and winning days big.

Letís assume for a minute you are an accomplished casino player and are ready to try online. You use your microgaming casino bonus and open an account with a reputable online site. You start off hot, but then the inevitable slump comes. You go through most of your investment and some of your microgaming casino bonus.

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How do you recover?

There is a 10 percent rule that works very well when you are losing and puts you in position to lessen your losses.

First, you should always set a budget. If your budget is to lose $100 during a given session, then that is all you should lose. But if you start going backward, that is when you have to change your wagering strategy.

Letís say based on your $100, you are betting $10 per hand played or spin of the wheel. Before you know it, half you bankroll is gone. Once you get to half, simply cut your wagers in half. When that gets down to half, do the same. This slows down the losses and keeps you from blowing that whole microgaming casino bonus.

This keeps you in the game longer and keeps you playing until your luck turns around.

Sometimes, itís just not your day. Lose your $100, move on and donít worry about it.

Losing streaks can cost you more than your microgaming casino bonus. If you donít know how to manage them, they can spiral out of control and get in your head. If you walk in to a casino or log in and expect to lose, you probably will. You will make poor decisions, and your self-fulfilling prophecy will come true.

Then your losing streak gets longer and longer.

But it doesnít have to be that way. You can keep your microgaming casino bonus and in fact build it up from there. You can survive a rough day at the casino.

Some additional tips:

1) Donít go deeper into your pocket. If you have lost your bankroll, save the rest for another day. Go have a beer, relax, and start fresh later. Chasing money never works.

2) Donít start blaming the dealer or the software. They have nothing to do with it, and there is no conspiracy at work. Just write it off as a loss and move on.

3) Donít gamble with money you donít have to get back what you lost. This is a sure recipe for disaster.

4) Donít increase wagers as you get behind trying to catch up.

5) If you rally and get slightly ahead, call it a night. Leave while you have money.

Follow these tips and your losing streaks will be short and far less painful than they could be otherwise.