Best Online Casinos - Bonuses

If you are a frequent player at a live casino and you spend lots of money, you can expect to get comps. Comps can be free food, free rooms, upgrades, freebies of all kinds and natures. Casinos want to keep their big players, and they want to keep them playing. So if you earn enough points, you will benefit.

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The best online casinos have their own comp. systems. These come in the form of bonuses. Usually they are sign up bonuses to get you to try out the casino and see if you like it. But some offer ongoing bonuses to big players.

The best online casinos all have different bonus programs. It is beneficial to players to know what these bonuses are really about so they will know exactly what kind of comps they are getting.

The best online casinos actually spell out their bonuses pretty clearly, but some do not,

Frankly, online bonuses are like coupons, and savvy shoppers can clip out the best ones. They essentially give you extra dollars for the ones you already invest. Some you have to play more to get, others you donít.

In essence, there are two kinds of bonuses: first-time bonuses to get you in the site, and long term bonuses for loyalty.

If you are a frequent player, you want the best online casinos to reward you for loyalty and lots of play. First-timer bonuses come and go.

Shop around at the best online casinos for the most liberal long term bonus programs.

If you dabble your toe in the water, you want exactly the opposite. Bounce around and get your first-timer bonuses, play a little and move on.

If you want to play at a place long term and benefit from that, it behooves you to contact customer service at a site and ask them about long term bonuses. If they have them, they will tell you. If you have to keep up a certain level of play to achieve that, you will now know.

Casinos are in competition with each other for your money. As many as there are, the best online casinos still care very much about getting big players and keeping them.

You, on the other hand, are the shopper with your coupons. If you are going to visit a store once, then you will take the coupon, buy and leave. If you like it you might come back.

But if you are going to frequent a store for a long time, you want to constantly be given coupons and rebates, because the money you spend in that store will offset what they give you.

In essence, thatís all the bonuses at the best online casinos really are. But like real coupons, they have fine print, and if you want to get the most value, make sure you read that fine print. You might find that you arenít getting what you wanted. You might also discover that if you do a little extra digging, you will get everything you wanted and more.