Finding a Reliable Casino

If you are reading this article, it's a pretty safe bet that you are relatively new to the realm of on line gaming. First of all, welcome to the pass-time that doesn't waste time. Instead of spending hours in front of the computer surfing the net - watching videos, reading movie star news, spending money on internet auctions, or whatever - you can play some fun games and earn money! Secondly, bravo on your first smart move towards increasing your odds of winning: researching online gaming and getting answers to your questions. This article will deal with one of the top questions asked by all on line casino newcomers: How can I be sure that I will win? How can I be sure that the casino will pay me?

Online casinos are played by thousands of people around the world. The people running the top online casinos recognize the fact that if the players don't win, they'll stop coming back. So, believe it or not (and you'd best believe it), they keep their profit margins relatively low - after all, collecting a few dollars from thousands of players is more profitable than collecting hundreds of dollars from only a handful of players. In fact, all the best on line casinos offer free online games that will give you the opportunity to try before you buy. Keep a record of your imaginary winnings and you'll see that it's worthwhile. There is no way to guarantee or predict how much you will win or how much you will lose, but if you want to make sure that your real gaming experience matches the free trial, pick a top rated online casino using reliable microgaming software systems or playtech technology to run their slots, tables and card games. These systems are monitored often and are use the same Random Numbers Generator (RNG) for their free games as for games played with real money.
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Finding a reliable casino

You don't have to order airline tickets, traveler's checks or pack an overnight bag when you play at an on line casino. Travel around the world while sitting in the comfort of your own home - or anywhere you can plug in your laptop and get an Internet connection, for that matter. All this freedom can become a little confusing.

- If you have friends who are online gamers, ask them to recommend their favorite online casinos.

- Visit websites that provide best online casino directory listings. These are sites that rate the overall best casino sites, the best online casino bonus (more on that later), the best blackjack casino, best casino payouts, best casino slots and more.

- Look for the words Microgaming and Playtech - these are the most respected gaming platforms available with the reliable payouts.

- Verify that your pick for top on line casino is independently audited by an outside, recognized accounting firm (this information should be readily available).

- Take the plunge with free games first. If your real money experience doesn't match the free experience from the get go, move on to a different casino.