Top Casino

If you are traveling to Las Vegas, there is no shortage of great casinos to check out. However, it also depends on your game. Blackjack is better in some casinos; poker is better in others. If you are into roulette, the top casinos should have easy to get to tables.

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Here is a list of some of the best for roulette. The top casino in Vegas for roulette is up for debate, but all of these are in the mix, in no particular order:

1) Bally’s. This is just a pure gamers casino. Located in an excellent spot on the strip, it is smaller than most casinos, but the games are excellent. The Roulette is particularly good. If you want to go to Vegas and just gamble and avoid everything else, this is your place. The roulette wheels usually have room and reasonable limits.

2) Bellagio. Whenever you are talking top casino in anything, the Bellagio is always on the list. It is simply the best casino for play in Las Vegas, from its world-class poker room and sports book to its blackjack. As with everything else, the roulette here is awesome with varying limits and plenty of tables.

3) Excalibur. This casino gets lost among all the others in Vegas, but for roulette, it is right up there with the best of them. Good limits and good play.

4) Treasure Island. Remains one of the most underrated player’s casinos. Like the others it has a nice setup for roulette with lower limits than some of the other casinos. A good place to play on a middle budget.

5) MGM Grand. The only knock on the Grand is it is just so big and spread out. It is also a casino where you never have to leave; everything is within a block. The Grand has lots of great roulette tables, but they don’t always have them up and running during the week, even though the place is often packed. When they do, you get quality gaming at a lot of levels.

6) Venetian. This is a casino that makes a lot of top 10 lists for a lot of different games. Its roulette certainly belongs here. The floor can get a little crowded, which is the only real negative, and on busy weekends getting a table can be a bit tricky, but this is an excellent roulette casino.

7) Top casino historically is certainly Ceasar’s Palace. It is also one of the best for roulette.

8) Mandalay Bay is another that makes a lot of top 10 lists for a lot of games. Roulette is no exception, and this is an excellent place to play almost any casino game.

9) The Mirage. Another of the longtime classics, this one has first-rate roulette and is clearly a top casino.

10) New York New York. Right alongside MGM, this is aonther top casino for roulette and one that a serious player should check out.

Any top casino should have great roulette. All these do.