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The way to do things in today’s online casino world is usually not to create your own software from scratch. This is because the creation of software and its maintenance is expensive and hiring someone to do both from scratch would not be a cost effective way of doing things. The major online casinos that are consistently making a large sum of money each month are casinos that can do this, but at the same time most casinos need to cut down on costs in different areas and one way they do that is through the licensing of software created by others. In this way, two primary casino software packages have made their way up through the intense competition of the internet to become the industry leaders in online casino and poker software.

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The first of these two packages is the one that is made and licensed out by the Microgaming Corporation. Microgaming is a company that will be familiar to a number of different people because in addition to providing a number of different online casinos with the software that they need, they are also involved in providing the software that is used by the Prima Poker network. The main highlights of the Microgaming software are that it is durable and that it is functional. You are not going to have a lot of problems with switching from screen to screen in Microgaming and the whole software package itself has been tested so extensively that problems are extremely few and very far between.

The highlight of the games that are available in Microgaming probably falls into the video slots category. While all of Microgaming slot games are well known in the industry, it is really in the video slots that they excel. Not only are they able to make new releases of slot games on a fairly regular basis, but at the same time they are also involved in making the old ones better and ultimately both the customers and the people that run the online casinos absolutely love the video slot games that Microgaming is able to regularly come up with.


The main competitor to Microgaming is a corporation known as PlayTech. PlayTech initially had the most popular online casino software, but in recent years their place at the head of the industry has been taken over by Microgaming. This is not because of a downfall in the absolute values of casinos that use PlayTech software, but it actually has a lot more to do with the meteoric rise of Microgaming. PlayTech is still a very viable software package that is used by many great online casinos.

The main highlight of PlayTech is their table games and in particular the online casino staples of roulette, craps and blackjack. These games are better on the PlayTech engine in terms of performance and aesthetics than they are anywhere else and PlayTech has been able to use that superior quality in order to parlay itself into multi-casino deals with a number of the different online casino groups out there.