Microgaming Software Suite

The Viper release was introduced in January 2004 and this is the software suite that Microgaming is currently using. It is the result of years of improvements and upgrading by Microgaming since its establishment in 1994. Microgaming believes that the Viper software is the perfect solution for today's gambler's requirements and desires.

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It is generally necessary to download and install the Microgaming software before you can begin to play. You will be offered a full version or a lite version to download. It is generally recommended to download the lite version so that you can get the feel of their software. It is always possible to download more games at a later stage if you enjoy playing with Microgaming. Otherwise, you may be able to use flash software which will not require downloading. This version may be slower than the downloaded one and the graphics may not be as impressive.

The Microgaming software system, Viper, boasts added benefits and bonuses that make it a step above their older software versions. Some of the newer features of this software are the auto play feature and an expanded game help. This allows players who are new to either the system or the game to receive timely help in how to play and to fully understand the game that they have chosen. It is also now possible to directly access game statistics and strategies when using Microgaming's software the Viper software suite. There are many advantages to using this feature. As an example, you could set a Microgaming blackjack game to optimal strategy and set it on auto play. You can then go and do something else while the computer plays for you.

It is possible to add new games to the Viper software suite and Microgaming does this on a regular basis. In fact, they add approximately three to four games to their casinos at the end of each month. Their software supports these great additions. Microgaming software is easy to use for the expert, as well as for the novice player. Their gaming interface is intuitive to use which makes it simple and pleasurable to interact with. Their games boast a high level of sound and graphics quality, making them fun and entertaining, as well as giving them the feel of a real live game.

Microgaming software uses a random number generator and high quality shuffling algorithm. Shuffling is thus unpredictable. The game server then deals cards to each individual game server alone so that no other players will have the opportunity to view your cards and other players will also be unable to predict what you may hold in your hand. This feature of the software adds to Microgaming software's high level of fairness.

Besides for the regular games that Microgaming software supports, their casinos also boast impressive progressive jackpot games. Microgaming networks are linked so that many of their online casinos' jackpots are linked. This allows for potentially huge progressive jackpot wins and this is a real attraction for many players.