Best Online Casino Games

If you are playing online, there are many options for the savvy player. Some games can be profitable, some simply fun. These are the best online casino games for when you want to relax and play for fun and not worry about trying to overthink:

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1) Slots. While there are literally hundreds of slots, sometimes you just want to sit back, punch a button and see how you do. There is not a lot of skill or decision making here, and that’s what someone who just wants to sit down and play really needs. When it comes to the best online casino games, slots are great for some quick action.

2) Roulette. Same general concept here. Basically pick some numbers, spread some chips around and relax. An easy, fun game.

3) Keno. Maybe the easiest of all the games. You simply pick some numbers, let the board light up and you either win or you don’t. A nice easy game to relax and enjoy.

4) Casino War. The easiest of all perhaps. Your card vs. the dealer, high card wins. Just like when you were a kid.

5) Caribbean Stud. Like most of the casino poker games, it is a very simple decision once you ante up – play or don’t. A relatively easy game to relax and enjoy.

6) Pai Gow Poker – A much easier game that people realize once you get the hang of it. Like Caribbean Stud it is a one decision game.

7) Blackjack. While probably the best game overall, blackjack can be fairly simple, but still requires some skill to be successful and some knowledge. You can play it without understanding the basics, but it is unlikely you will win.

8) Video Poker. A relatively low-risk, low reward game, but it does involve some skill. It is an easy game to master and you can play very quickly and get lots of action.

9) Craps. If you keep it simple, craps can be one of the best online games for quick action.

10) Casino Hold ‘Em. This game is like Caribbean Stud or Pai Gow. Easy decisions, easy play.
While you shouldn’t expect to make a living in these games, they are about action. The best online casino games are the ones where you can get your money in and get constant action. There are ways to manage your bankroll and make the most of your money, but for pure action, you won’t beat these games.

This is especially true of the slots, where you can fire off several games in a minute. You can also play multiple lines and big progressive jackpots.

The greatest charm of a casino is the ability to get action. The best online casino games are based on that as well, and online you can play whenever you want.

If you are looking for action online, try the games above, and you will not be disappointed. You should get all the action you want on your computer.