Las Vegas Casinos

Casino gambling is one of the great pastimes of the world. No matter how bad an economy gets, people find a way to gamble.

Perhaps no place is that more evident than Las Vegas, Nevada, where the casinos are always packed, and players have a hard time getting in some hotels no matter what time of year.

There is always a debate as to what is the best casino in Las Vegas. But the best casino Las Vegas debate is more than that. It really depends on what you are looking for. Best poker?

Bellagio. Most luxurious? The Wynn. Best show? Blue Man Group at the Venetian.
While all of these are debatable, the best casino Las Vegas debate will always rage.
More importantly, what is the best casino Las Vegas for the player who simply wants to go to the hotel, drink, gamble and eat and never see the light of day outside, especially when the weather gets over 100 degrees?

Here are three casinos that fit that bill.

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1) MGM Grand. A massive place, the Grand is the best casino Las Vegas when it comes to not wanting to leave. The underground is filled with excellent restaurants; there are several great clubs; and the gaming is outstanding. The poker room is spacious, the race book is flawed in design but still very nice, and every table game imaginable is available. It is a quick shot to the airport, and you can easily spend several days in the city and never leave the hotel grounds. Almost everything you could possibly need is either in the casino itself or underneath it.

2) Venetian. When discussing the best casino Las Vegas for places where you have no need to leave, the Venetian ranks pretty high on that list. It also has a nice array of games and restaurants. However, it is also in close proximity to some other good casinos, including Treasure Island, which is simply a walk across the street. If you really just want to stay in, gamble and eat, this is your place. It also hosts great shows and there are very good clubs as well.

3) Bellagio. Many a player has gone to the Bellagio and not even gone outside to see the fountains. This casino is a player’s paradise and is certainly in the mix for the best casino Las Vegas if you are staying in debate. It is well organized and has excellent games. While the social atmosphere is nice, it doesn’t quite match the top two. But its gaming is superior to both, especially its world class poker room.

Vegas has no shortage of great casinos, depending on your taste. And there is no telling which one is simply the best. But if you are looking for the best casino Las Vegas for some place you just want to stay and never leave, these three work very well and will fill all your needs.
In fact, you might never want to leave.