One thing you have to watch out for when you are gambling is drinking. Live casinos want to keep you plowed with alcohol, and they send attractive waitresses at you with free drinks in waves. Itís hard to say no. You are there to have fun, and certainly drinking can be fun.

This can be very dangerous for the player, even playing online. A top 10 online casino will give you an opportunity to play a lot. If you are at home and having a few drinks, it can turn into a bad session in a hurry.

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Most people drink when they gamble,especially those coming out of casinos. Part of the mentality is fun and excess, and players will often take that with them when they play online. The tendency to overdrink happens here, too.

Letís say you are playing in a top 10 online casino and you have $2,000 in your account after a good run. You start drinking, playing loose, having a blast. You wake up the next morning and your account is empty, and you donít even remember spending the money.

This is a common occurrence. It can lead to more losing, because you reload and fire twice as hard to get the money back.

Itís a little silly to suggest not drinking in a casino, or try to avoid it when playing in a top 10 online casino. But there are some things you can do to keep it under control.

1) Do like your bankroll. Set yourself a limit and stick to it. Milk them a little. If you are at home and your limit is a six-pack, donít buy a 12-pack. Be responsible.

2) If you feel you have exceeded your limit and are getting drunk, pull back some of your bankroll and hide it from yourself. At some point you will be too drunk to stop gambling, so at least save some of it for a rainy day. The smart money says 50 percent, but if you have gotten this far, smart money may be out the window.

You can have your friends keep an eye out for you in a live casino, but playing at home online in a little casino or a top 10 online casino, you can lose track in a hurry, especially if you are by yourself. You forget the rules and donít realize why you lost. Of course, this can work in the reverse, too, and you can wind up winning. But the odds are against you enough without being completely totaled when you play.

Just try to be mindful of what you are doing. The mindset of drinking and gambling go hand in hand, and it is ridiculous to think that the average person wonít have something to drink. Just monitor it the same way you would your bankroll, and you will lessen the damage.
Gambling is supposed to be fun. Drinking, too, just keep them fun when you are doing both and you will enjoy yourself a lot more.