Best Games

OK, you have decided you want to make a profit gambling in a casino. You love to have fun, but you would rather have money. Well, no matter where you play, live or online, in the best casinos or in gas stations with slot machines, there is a lot to choose from.

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But if you want to play in the best casinos and make money, you have to choose the games where you are the most likely to succeed. Frankly, if you are trying to make a living, stop at No. 3.

Here are the top games in the best casinos:

1) Poker. This is the game where you play the players, not the house. The house gets its take, but if you are better than everyone else, long term you will win. Luck is still a factor, but it is less of a factor. It is also one of the most popular games and one you can perfect playing live or online.

2) Blackjack. Another game where you can actually play a mathematical system and have an opportunity to do well. The house still has the edge, but a savvy player can use skill and have an opportunity, much like poker.

3) Race and sports book betting. Like poker, this is you against the other players with the house getting its cut. Knowledge and skill will always give you an advantage.

4) Craps. One of the more confusing games for the beginning player, there is a sound strategy that exists and good players can hold their own. It is still a game of chance, but the more human decisions that are involved in any game gives an edge to the players who study.

5) Baccarat. If you understand how this game works, you can do quite well. It is a grinder’s game still played by high rollers, but it can be profitable with some knowledge.

6) Video Poker. This is a very simple game, but the investment and returns are small. You won’t get rich, but some knowledge of five-card draw and the percentages can net you a few bucks.

7) Roulette. While many players claim they can beat roulette, and countless books have been written trying to explain how to do it, the game is completely random. It is easy to play and easy to figure out, but it is a game for a gambler, not someone trying to make a living gambling.

8) Pai Gow Poker. One of the casino games with a decent chance for the player to fade the house edge. Still very random, but a game that a grind-it-out strategy can keep you above water for a while.

9) Carribean Stud. A fairly easy game to learn and play. There are few decisions to make, however, which limits skill level and this the ability to find an edge.

Casino Hold ‘Em. Unlike its real-life counterpart, Casino Hold ‘em is played against the dealer. It is more like Caribbean Stud and it is a game of few decisions.