Top 10 Casinos

If you are building a real-life casino from scratch, you want it to be special. You want it to be a place where people can go and enjoy themselves, wager heartily and feel comfortable, even when they lose.

Let’s say you just inherited billions and want to build one. Here are the things you would need to have a top 10 casino:

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1) A large spacious poker room with lots of games available. This include sit n gos, which many casinos have all but dropped. At least two tournament per day, with one high dollar one. A really good room will have three tournaments per day. This is an absolute must for a top 10 casino.

2) A spacious race and sports book with plenty of room, lots of TVs and lots of racetracks to choose from. Horseplayers should have easy access to racing forms, programs and scratch sheets. Individual seats should have their own TVs.

3) Blackjack tables that are constantly staffed no matter what time of the day. A lot of casinos shorten the tables to save money late at night. Obviously there will be a lot of times to do this, but if you leave more open, more players will know to come play late at night, and the tables will take care of themselves.

4) Roulette with lots of different play levels. Casinos get scared to drop the limits sometime, but if players win a lower levels, they will usually bounce up to the big tables anyway. The smaller ones aren’t as profitable but short term, but over the long haul, the money will be there.

5) Lots of different table games; give people options. Monitor the ones that fill and add more tables for those.

6) Lower limit craps. Like roulette, let players stay within their bankroll, even on busy weekends.

7) Lots of different slot machines, easily delineated by values. Keep the progressives in one big place.

8) Another aspect of the top 10 casino is simple – plenty of places to eat open 24/7 and lots of bars.

9) A nice hotel. Doesn’t need to be spectacular. How much time do you spend in the room anyway?

10) A massive comp program, with player service folks tracking down the biggest players and taking care of them. Easy access to ATMs and for loans for players.

Sound difficult? Not really, and if you want to know why online casinos are so successful, they know what it takes to be a top 10 casino. All of those elements are online; even the food and bar is essentially in the comfort of your own home.

Too many real casinos lose sight of what players really want. Roller coasters are nice, but the game has to be the thing. That is something online casinos have figured out in a big way.
So when you inherit your billion dollars and want to build a top 10 casino, follow these easy steps. You might find that you built a No. 1 casino.