Microgaming House Edge

As with all games of chance that are in casinos around the world today they all have their own built in house edge. While sometimes you can mathematically reduce the percentage of this edge, over time the likelihood of you being victorious becomes less and less. This doesn’t mean that you can’t win though.

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Microgaming, is one of the most popular online casino gaming systems in the world. It offers over 300 different games to test your luck and bankroll. Microgaming offers many different opportunities to take some cash as well as leave some of it.

Microgaming software is programmed with a strict set of rules and is supposed to act very similarly to the offline brick and mortar casino counterparts. In a lot of ways it is almost exactly like the offline casinos, but in other ways it is very different.

If playing at a Microgaming online casino there are a few games that you can reduce the house edge and increase the odds of you winning. Winning is the reason we attempt to play these games of chance so wouldn’t it be wise for us to play the ones that give us the best opportunity to win?

Here are some of the games and some of the House edge percentages associated with them:
Blackjack: Played correctly, by following a complete card system, a savvy player can reduce the house edge on this to a measly 0.13%. This is possibly one of the best percentages in the Microgaming software program.

Single Deck Baccarat: This game shares a 1 % advantage when on the banker and a 1.2% edge when on the dealer.
Cyberstud poker: This poker game offers a 5% house edge.
Free Ride: The online version of the very popular Let it Ride casino version has a house edge of 3.5%

Keno: This casino favorite has a variable edge of 4 - 25% house edge with the most favorable edge coming from picking 13 numbers.

Pai Gow Poker: Different to the offline version as the dealer is always the banker. The house edge in this game is 2.8%

Single Deck Red Dog: This unique card game has a house edge of 3.15%

Roulette: Another casino favorite offers a disadvantageous edge to the house in the amount of 5.3%. Many people like this game, but the percentage does not run in your favor.

Vegas Craps: One of Microgaming’s newer additions is this Vegas inspired craps game. The percentage in favor of the house runs up to 2.8% and is dropped to less than 1% when playing the pass don’t pass line.

There are so many options at a Microgaming based online casino it is difficult to choose which games you should be playing. By taking a look at these guides you should be able to identify which of the ones you should be spending the most time at based on the simple factor of the house edge percentage. Choose wisely.